Lining of Stam

  1. Hi~
    Can anyone tell me the lining material for MJ stam? I am new at this (MJ) as you can see...

    Thank you!
  2. There are different linings that correspond to different releases/colors of stam...

    Burgundy suede was the first season release, followed by beige suede, then beige canvas, brown canvas, army green canvas, and now a reddish brown canvas. I haven't seen the interiors of resort 2007, so I can't update on that... at least not yet anyway!

    Putty stam is the only stam with blue suede.
  3. Oh, and patchwork stam and elastic quilted stam have a grey canvas lining, with a linen grain appearance to it.
  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That really helped!:smile:
  5. The Burgundy suede only applies to 2005 bags correct? Just Fall and Resort seasons right???:shrugs:
  6. I've seen burgundy red suede for the black resort 05s. The black spring 06 had cream suede. I don't think I have a cream/white for resort 05 on file.

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    See this post #19 :yes: