Lining of Saleya PM

  1. Hi Everyone...I'm fairly new to this forum, and I'm thinking of purchasing the Damier Saleya PM. I was wondering if any of you that already have it are having trouble with the lining staining any light colored items you carry in it. I'm a little worried about that, as I have read many of you are having trouble with your Damier Speedy doing that. Thanks in advance for any help on this. :flowers:
  2. Goldie, I went to exchange my bleeding Damier speedy today. I actually tested the saleya lining by rubbing a white towel on it and NOTHING came off. The lining is very different than the speedy's. Don't worry at all.
  3. Not at all! My Damier Saleya PM has no bleeding whatsoever. Go for it!
  4. Not for me.
  5. I went to see it last night and the interior is the alcantara, not the 'cotton' (as the SA called it) like the one in the speedy.
  6. mope- my saleya has been fine!
  7. No problems with mine either. :flowers:
  8. Yep! :yes: No problems here.
  9. Thank you all for the feedback. I am so glad the lining in the Saleya will not be an issue, and I am now debating between a Saleya and Duomo.