Lining of croc Birkin bags

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  1. Sorry to ask a question that may have already been answered, but what is the usual material that lines croc Hermes birkin bags?

    It's not cloth, right?

  2. chevre, I thought, TG. Let me look at some bags...hang on....
  3. yep - I just called SA - chevre, but a funny name chevre - not mysore or coromandel....didn't quite catch the name.....24 will prob know, or HG (or Aspen!).

    By the way, she asked me if I was shopping for a crocodile now...LOL....not yet, I told her!!
  4. Sometime ago, I was offered a 32 cm kelly in Rouge H Matt Croc. The lining inside was off white canvas. Although the croc color was gorgeous, the bag was really slouchy as the canvas lining did not provide additional support. i turned down the bag for that reason.
  5. Croc. Birkin lining is chevre, BUT I heard that they used to use linings like your picture long time ago. So, it still might be authentic. Is it an old croc. Birkin?
  6. As is usual, I concur with aspen.....I have a friend with an older croc Kelly that was lined in cloth.... it was certainly authentic. It was just her personal choice to have it that way.
  7. ^would make it lighter, for sure.
  8. Ladies, thanks for your response!

    Grandfonds, thanks for calling your SA to check!

    Aspen, the photo of the bag that I posted is an "F", so 2001 which is not too old I think.

    I guess it would make it lighter, but I would probably lean toward chevre...
  9. If i have a choice between Chevre or canvas.. definitely chevre!
  10. pinkish_love -- I agree! However, I don't even have a choice of getting a croc!!!:crybaby:
  11. GF, knowing you, that date isn't too far in the distant future!!
  12. why not!!!
  13. Ha! TG - I'm aiming for a croc Kelly for my 40th birthday - seven years from now......gave DH a heads up, so he can't say he didn't know!! LOL!!
  14. I agree with GF.. you should have a target and plan everything accordingly.. The important thing is that one day u will have a crocodile kelly/birkin if u really want it badly!!
  15. That's right! I enjoy the wait, and the hunt, too!