Lining of croc Birkin bags


Jan 22, 2006
Sorry to ask a question that may have already been answered, but what is the usual material that lines croc Hermes birkin bags?

It's not cloth, right?

yep - I just called SA - chevre, but a funny name chevre - not mysore or coromandel....didn't quite catch the name.....24 will prob know, or HG (or Aspen!).

By the way, she asked me if I was shopping for a crocodile now...LOL....not yet, I told her!!
Sometime ago, I was offered a 32 cm kelly in Rouge H Matt Croc. The lining inside was off white canvas. Although the croc color was gorgeous, the bag was really slouchy as the canvas lining did not provide additional support. i turned down the bag for that reason.
Croc. Birkin lining is chevre, BUT I heard that they used to use linings like your picture long time ago. So, it still might be authentic. Is it an old croc. Birkin?
As is usual, I concur with aspen.....I have a friend with an older croc Kelly that was lined in cloth.... it was certainly authentic. It was just her personal choice to have it that way.
Ladies, thanks for your response!

Grandfonds, thanks for calling your SA to check!

Aspen, the photo of the bag that I posted is an "F", so 2001 which is not too old I think.

I guess it would make it lighter, but I would probably lean toward chevre...
I agree with GF.. you should have a target and plan everything accordingly.. The important thing is that one day u will have a crocodile kelly/birkin if u really want it badly!!