Lining in amarante? ANd a YAY!

  1. I got the new voyage catalogue in the mail today! I'm happy! I haven't been able to see through it yet!

    ANyways, I was just wondering about the amarante boulevard lining, is it leather and canvas? The book gives no info on the pieces that aren't obiously canvas, and to me it doesen't feel like leather, like the lining of my only other vernis piece, the perle heart.

    So, is it leather, the sides of the boulevard and the sots for cards? TO me it feels like something else.. =-/
  2. you mean the sunset blvd? In this bag the only leather part inside is the area where the CC slots are...the rest is fabric...
  3. Are you 100% sure it's leather? And how about the sides? Not actually a part of the lining, but the sides of the bag that fold out when you open it. SOrt of.

    ( I thought it felt most like pleather?)
  4. yes, the sides that accordion out are leather, i thought you meant only INSIDE the bag.
  5. I ment both, as they seem to be the same material.

    And thanks for replying btw! =-D