lining for white birkin?

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  1. is the white birkin's lining different from other color? my other birkin's lining looks like cherve while the white birkin is very soft ( but I cannot tell what leather it is)
  2. mine has white chevere (just looked)
  3. is your one in epsom leather? or clemence??

    cos i am not sure is my one in cherve leather it is smooth without any grain..
  4. mine is clemence on the outside
  5. Just to add that this is a jpg chloe is wondering about....
    do they ever have a swift lining???
  6. At one point, I had three white birkins. 2 of them (the 30cm epsom and the 30cm clemence) has a swift lining. The 35cm white clemence has black chevre lining.
  7. ^^that one with the black is the one your DH ordered for you, right!! I remember thinking how sweet that was!!!