Lining color of Lucille PM

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  1. What is the color of the lining of your Lucille? Black? White? Red?
  2. I believe they differ from bag to bag.. I have the Noir, and the lining color is a dark,dark gray, almost black..
  3. Hi kookielf124, does your bag have a leather piece with date code embossed on it? does your bag have luggage tag hanging on the front bag attached at the end of the strap?

    The reason I asked is because my friend got this Lucille bag as a gift from a rich friend. But there are things about the bag that arouses my curiosity. It doesn't have date code. The lining is black and like a cheap cloth. The luggage tag doesn't have any embossed letters like the one I saw on ebay. But I don't know enough about LV and Mini Monogram to either say it's fake or it's authentic.

    I am sure my friend doesn't want to carry a fake bag but it's hard for her to believe the bag is fake because it's from a rich friend.

    Thanx for your help.

  4. Can you please post pics? Is it a regular or TST?
  5. Then the lining should also be that color...
  6. Do you also mean the bag on ebay link is authentic? Thx.

  7. The date code is located in the larger pocket inside the of the bag (the pocket next to the cell phone pocket) and should be a little leather tab sticking out. As for the luggage tag, the bags are supposed to come with one, but it can be removed.. can you or your friend perhaps take pictures of the bag and submit it in the 'authenticate this' thread?

    the lining of the bag looks somewhat like the lining listed in this auction:
    eBay: AUTH LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM MINI LUCILLE GM *MyPoupette (item 190040656957 end time Oct-19-06 17:00:00 PDT)
  8. Yes, it's real.

    The color of the inside depends on the color of the bag - Mini Mono came in two color styles, if you wish. Darker monogram on a lighter background with lighter inside and a lighter monogram on a darker background with a darker inside (TST or tone-on-tone).

    What color is the outside of your friend's bag?
  9. The monogram is dark color like dark blue or black and the background is like white or light blue. I saw her bag in the night time. I cannot say about color exactly. But according to what you say, it's dark monogram on light background. Hence, the lining must be light color, right?

    The lining of my friend's bag is black and feel like cotton cloth. I couldn't find any piece of leather with datecode stamp.

    Can I conclude her bag is fake?

    Thanx for all your help.

  10. I don't have the bag. I cannot tell my friend her bag could be fake. My friend trusts the rich friend. Until I know for sure her bag is fake, I'll tell her. Thanx for all your help.

  11. Yes, the lining should be a light color... not good news for your friend methinks...

  12. Many thanx to all. Now I can tell my friend the bad news :sad: