Linh's Collection

  1. Just wanted to share...
  2. nice LV collection!

    I had to delete 3 other thread s by you in here. . . all Showcase threads must be approved before going live, no need to repost, just must be patient ;)
  3. very nice collection, i like your BH! :heart:
  4. Very nice! Beautiful collection!
  5. GORGEOUS bags!!!
  6. Fantastic Louis Vuitton collection!
  7. Great Colllection .. would love to see more :flowers:
  8. So pretty!! Thanks for sharing!!
  9. You have a wonderful monogram collection.
  10. swanky i am so sorry... i kept reposting cause it wouldnt show up so I thought I did something wrong and eventually gave up :crybaby: but now I can continue :graucho: thanks for all the postive feedback.
  11. the beginning of my damier collection
  12. i am going to try posting multiple pictures... excuse me if i screw up :P
    epiLV.JPG scarfLV.JPG vernisLV.JPG 105-0558_IMG.JPG 105-0559_IMG.JPG 105-0560_IMG.JPG flipflopsLV.JPG
  13. Nice collection & I love the boots :smile:!
  14. my lonely prada and gucci... thanks for looking
    prada.JPG gucci.JPG
  15. what a gorgeous collection!!:nuts: