Lingering Silverado Doctor

  1. That is a big bag!!! 17 1/2 inches wide?:wtf:

    I think maybe it's the size that might put a few people off, even though it is a good price.

    You going for it?:graucho:
  2. I really like the size, but I just can't buy it right now. I ordered two MJ's and a Fendi on sale in the last three days. If I end up not liking one of those bags, and the Silverado is still there, I may just rescue it!!
  3. Oh you have been busy!!!:nuts: I think you should go ahead and rescue her can always send her back after a little TLC if she's not right for you.;) :heart:
  4. I agree, rescue her. This is the end of the road for Silverado (so I've been told) ........ get it while you can!
  5. Great bag, buy it!
  6. Well, she's gone, hopefully to a happy home. I see that bag reappear often, so I hope to have another chance. How certain is it that the Silverado line is being discontinued?
  7. I have it in khaki(?), or light brown, and i's not as big as you might think! I'm 5'7'' and it's just right for me:smile:
  8. I've thought about getting it, but I too am worried about the size as I'm only 5'4". I also have a tan/peanut buttery color MJ Patti that has same style elements to it.
    marc tote.jpg marc tote2.jpg
  9. These are the correct photos. Sorry. I uploaded photos of my MJ putty tote at first. These are the shots I was talking about in previous post.
    mjbags2.jpg my mjbags.jpg