1. Ladies, I need help finding some very nice, sexy lingerie. Not anything brash and trashy. But subtle. I don't much care for what I saw on the Victoria's Secret website. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    To give an idea of my style, I like the soft babydoll type things. I don't do any kind of animal print or red.
  2. Have you tried Frederick's yet?
  3. Thanks ladies for the tips.

    swanky, I definitely need to check out figleaves for the very reason you listed. :shame:
  4. It's a GREAT website!
  5. there's always Agent Provocateur :biggrin:
  6. I don't think that's the right kind of style.... But I do love Agent Provocateur.
  7. La Perla has some beautiful lingerie. You can see some of it at Saks Fifth Ave website.
  8. My favorites are Hanky Panky and Le Mystere. Comfortable and sexy.

    I haven't shopped at Victoria's Secret in years. Their stuff always seemed to be of extremely poor quality and fit, IMO.

    Bare Necessities is great, too.
  9. La Perla is a great line. You might also find something at (multiple designeres), but even though it's geared more toward basics...there are a few sexier things in there too.
  10. Thanks so much ladies!!!