Lingerie as gifts on special occasions

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  1. What are your opinions if you received them on special occasions e.g. Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc?

    I think :wtf:

    On other days, it's perfectly fine for me as long as the styles are tasteful and from La Perla :nuts:

    What do you all think? Reason I'm asking is that my DH posts on his forums and he mentioned that some guys are thinking of giving them as gifts for Christmas.

    Is it just me, feeling that it is a no no?
  2. Hmm... If I get lingerie on a holiday, I would assume this guy want some tonight! :graucho::roflmfao:

    But honestly, I wouldn't want to receive such a present. It's kind of like "what are you trying to tell me hon? The sex isn't good??!!" :sweatdrop:

    Anniversaries might be ok but I much rather be the one who gave him that present by wearing it that night! :graucho:
  3. ^Exactly! :roflmfao:

    I can't believe the guys are even contemplating it!
  4. I got lingerie for Valentine's day one year. I didn't mind! It was a good set that I still wear til this day!
  5. My bf and I were talking about this last night! I said it was okay if it wasn't the only gift, since it usually is more for the guy. I suggested he could get me some nice pajamas, perfume, etc., but also something sexy he would like me to wear. I would be pretty mad if all I got for Christmas or my birthday was lingerie. It would be fine for Valentine's Day or an anniversary. I think a woman gets mad when she gets something for her man that he wants, and he gets her something that he wants her to wear. Thus, it ends up being all about him.
  6. Yeah, Valentine's Day is ok.

    I agree with the fact that end of the day it really is for the GUY.
  7. Lingerie for any occasion is great....I love lingerie for MYSELF and could care less what my man thinks of it. But if your man wants to buy it for you, feel flattered that he actually wants to see YOU in it.

  8. I agree!
  9. lol, the thing I find funny about receiving lingerie as that it's more a gift for the giver than the receiver :smile:

    Bart has never really bought me lingerie, because he knows I more than likely won't wear it...but he has bought me some nice bras and undies that ...err...yeah, lol
  10. Not as the only gift. It's more a gift for the giver than for me.

    I once had a guy ask me to be his girlfriend by giving me a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. I used that to buy a skirt. :biggrin:
  11. EXACTLY!!!
  12. my ex gave me lingerie from fredericks (gag) for chistmas last year. i had him send it back. without getting in to too much detail, he had a serious thing for lingerie, so the present wasn't for me, it was entirely for him (the stuff he gave me wasn't exactly classy and beautiful). not only did it not make me feel loved and appreciated, but it made me feel cheap and inadequate. he was clueless and upset that i sent the stuff back (i didn't do it in a mean way, and he used to return all the clothes i bought him. *******.) to contrast, i bought him a pair of camoflage, insulated coveralls so he could be warm when he was deer hunting - a present that i in no way benefited from. we eventually broke up.

    on the other hand, if my boyfriend or husband were to buy me underwear that he knew i would like (for example, almost all i wear is the secret embrace bras and things from VS, any guy i was with would realize this after a while) and made me feel sexy, that would be different. it wouldn't be for him, it would be for me. so it's a fine line, i suppose, but in general i think guys should stay away.
  13. I have had this conversation with my SO & we agree that the lacy teddies, etc. are really a gift for him, but if he was to buy me something like a nice robe it would be a real gift for me.

  14. :lol:

    i guess if it's from myla or agent provocateur it's ok :graucho: because i like that too.

    but i'm so fussy about lingerie getting it right would be hideously difficult. unless they found my ap wish list on the website of course :nuts:
  15. I don't know what this says about me, but I get enough offers from men wanting to take me to La Perla or Agent Provocateur to buy me something. (I always refuse.) So, I would be very upset if I got a Christmas/birthday/anniversary present that consisted of only lingerie, and cheap lingerie at that! :wtf: (Yes, I realized that sounded snobby but, for me, the present doesn't have to be expensive, just something that is along the lines of something that I would like, which often is quite obvious if the man just thinks about it.... At worst, default to chocolate! :graucho:)