Lingerie as an Anniversay Gift from DH/BF?

  1. How do you think about receiving lingerie as an anniversary present?

    I know it is the thought that counts, but I received a lingerie set for our anniversary last night (worth something around $550 b/c I saw the tags) but I feel sort of bla about it because it feels more a present to himself than a gift to me. I feel bad saying this, but honestly for that amount of money, it would have felt much more special if he had given me a dress to wear to dinner or something else to wear like a small piece of jewelery. The lingerie is beautiful and fits me really well, but somehow this feels like a gift that should be given "just because" as a surprise, not as an anniversary present. (as an aside, thank god I did not end up buying lingerie to wear that night as a gift to him, or that would have turned out really awkward).

    What do you think?
  2. Personally I wouldn't like to receive lingerie as an anniversary gift for the reasons you mentioned. But hey, at least it's nice lingerie and he got the size right?
  3. ^^^lol, I laugh about this alot. It is def. one of my hubbys favorite gifts to me...for every occassion :rolleyes:. I have 3 drawers full of stuff (no exaggeration...big drawers, plus hanging stuff).

    I tried to tell him, politely, of more, for the simply reason I have too much and have no more his solution was to start putting it is his dresser :p.
  4. I totally know what you mean... generally I am the one buying new lingerie as a gift to HIM lol!

    A LONG time ago in our relationship when we were talking about gifts I did mention that I really thought lingerie was a gift for him, not me, and that it wouldn't bother me if it was part of a gift, but as the whole gift it would. But it seems like your SO really splurged and that this lingerie is more lavish/luxury and he put thought into it and maybe thought it would make you feel special or beautiful. But maybe talk to him about that for future gifts.
  5. ^ OMG - that is funny! Well, I guess you know what he likes :smile:

    I tried to hint last night when he asked "do you like this garter belt or would you rather this one..." so I replied "well, as long as you like it... this is for you". Well see if he gets it for next time.

    For this year, I think I need to keep my mouth shut, hide my disapointment and hope for something more special next year. :sad:
  6. I think lingerie is a nice gift.... when it is in addition to something "just for you." I do agree that it is a gift you can both enjoy, but it is definitely more for his benefit than for yours. In essence, he got two anniversary gifts: the one you bought him and the one he bought you! Also, too funny that he left the tags on. Did he think the high cost made it okay for the lingerie to be your only gift?
  7. ahhhhh.......Men are so clueless when it comes to gifts....sigh..At least u got
    i know someone who didnt even get a card after 11 years of marriage....
    I say go out and buy yerself a peice of jewelry and tell him u got it cuz it looked so hot with yer new lingerie..rofl
  8. ^^i agree, or get a bag to model with it on his card...hehe
  9. I think it's kinda hot he bought you that..but I don't know if it was a great idea as an anniversay gift.
  10. That is hilarious, and a great idea!!! Too bad I don't have his credit card, though... otherwise I'd be out a pretty penny LOL.
  11. So I ended up speaking with him about this tonight. The conversation was actually really interesting and informative, and now I'm wondering why we didn't speak about this years ago.

    I learned that we have different ideas of what makes celebrating an anniversary meaningful. To me, it is about recognizing and celebrating the other person as well as celebrating the relationship by doing something special together. To him, it is only about doing something meaningful to celebrate the relationship (thus the lingerie, which he thought would make me feel special, and that he would also like). And that Christmas and birthdays are about celebrating the other person (that surprised me), but that lingerie still makes a good gift, but as a surprise and not for a meaningful event.

    Anyhow, so we agrees that going forward, we will organize a special event together, and he will get me a gift because he can see that is important to me (smart man).

    I had to laugh during the conversation because at one point I realized just how well this shows the differences between men and women. Anyhow, I told him that he and I can look at these anniversaries as the dress rehearsals for when we get married and start celebrating our "real" anniversary (we are getting engaged next year). Then he said something that made me want to laugh out loud - he said "well, just for the record, after we get married, we will just celebrate one anniversary right, and not both dates?" LOL - like someone said above, sometimes men really are a bit clueless.
  12. Nope I love getting lingerie from my boyfriend for special occasions... i'm flattered that he knows me well enough to get my size right, and it seems like he just wants me and me only when he gives gifts like that. I think it's incredibly sweet.
  13. lol, I guess I'm the only one who would like it if my husband picked out a nice lingerie set for me! Though I agree it would be nice to get a little something besides lingerie for such an occassion.
  14. He got you NICE lingerie, so it wouldn't have bothered me. Now a $12.99 set from WalMart would be something different entirely (unless that's all he really can afford). Sometimes we need to step back and look at the gift for the expression of love that it is, instead of how you feel about it (unless your SO already knew how you felt about it and disregarded your feelings...a different story entirely). I'd never tell DH that I didn't like something. Those kinds of responses are never positive and make the gift giver not want to do anything for you again, and it ruins the sentiment behind the gift. I've had gifts I detested but I wouldn't want to hurt DH feelings which is more important than the gift itself. You can always drop hints for what you'd like for Christmas. LOL And over time, you'll begin to get gifts that you really like!
  15. yeah.. I get it all the time, my BF is a perv... :push: