L'ingénieux PM

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  1. Ok, I got a close up look at this bag, which I really thought I needed, when I saw it from a distance...please, please forgive me on this one...may I be honest? I really DON'T have a problem with the price tag, in itself, 1930,00 € which makes it $2490.00 USD, but, honestly, I just didn't see that price level of quality...am a nuts? :cry: I think Vuitton does lovley bags in the affordable luxury range, but, is it just me, or do they just not quite "have it" in the higher range? (Please, don't hate me! I think they are so beautiful (design wise)...but, when I got close up...and since I am a little used to my custom crafted bags....I just can't see the same quality for the price....It just seems like, at least for this bag in particular, the value is more in the LV name, than in the quality...apart from the wonderful leather, that is!

    Excuse me....Don't hate me, or send me one of those firey red guys....:flowers: :shame:

    I just couldn't bring myself to buy it...dommage!
  2. well you saved a lot of money :smile: I haven't seen it in person, but I also like only certain pieces of LV.
  3. hahaha. I'm sure I haven't really saved it for long! I'll probably just go spend it somewhere else....
  4. oh really...? that's disappointing. i like that bag a lot and am planning on getting it in a few years. hmmm i should check it out when i go to a Lv store next time.
  5. When I spend more than 2k USD on a bag, I consider it an investment...this one is just not for me. I prefer a much better finish in that price range. The chevre skin is sublime, however! Honestly, though, I have said it before, and I have to say this again...in that price range, in my opinion, you are better off with a custom piece from Nicholas Menard in Paris (I don't have one of these yet, but I am going to commission him...) or going with a Jennifer Marvin bag...you get exactally what you want, in leather at least as yummy...I have been keeping my eyes open about this, thinking maybe I could just pick up L'ingénieux and like it just as much without waiting....but, no...it just isn't justified in my opinion. I would rather pay to have all of the quality going into the bag than in the marketing costs at this price...but, I am open to any suggestions for a LV bag I could buy just for fun!!!! :yes:
  6. Main reasons why it's expensive is like you said the leather, the hardware (That big S Lock bumps up the price LOL), the size of the bag, and of course, it's an LV.

    But I think the L'Épanoui PM looks cuter hehhe

    Also, since you're not exactly helping LV advertise their bag cause it's not plastered with their logo. You're pretty much paying for the extra not-helping-lv-advertise fee.
  7. Also, since you're not exactly helping LV advertise their bag cause it's not plastered with their logo. You're pretty much paying for the extra not-helping-lv-advertise fee.[/quote]

    Hahaha! Yes, that must be it!
  8. Evolkatie, yah, the leather is wonderful, but, exactally the same leather is available to other designers, too...my favorite designer gets her leathers from the same tannery as Hermes, the same leather… and the prices are not Hermes prices, but, in my opinion, very comparable in quality...but, maybe in Hermes case, you are paying for the mystique, and, I guess you can’t put a price tag on that?

    So, yah, if I buy an LV, I guess I will get one that looks like an LV, pay much less, and spend the big bucks on the hand made ones….
  9. That's okay you didn't like it. I'd rather get a Chanel for that price :biggrin:
  10. Yes, as far as brands go, I am still a Chanel girl...I remain faithful, though I am trying to be openminded:biggrin: