L'Ingénieux PM vs. Le Talentueux


L'Ingénieux PM vs. Le Talentueux, Which based on my comments?

  1. L'Ingénieux PM

  2. Le Talentueux

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  1. So here I go again, I'm having serious second thoughts of buying the dalmation sac rabat. I like the L'Ingénieux PM in black beacuse it looks like a DR. bag and come may I'll be DR. Dentist!!! So it would be cute. However, I also like the Le Talentueux for an evening bag (but then again I have the monogram macha which is a beautiful evening bag). Also this will be by 17th LV bag and 17 is a special numebr for me, I know it sounds qooky, but I'm weird like that.

    Please choose which bag!
    I think the dalmation will wait until someone will buy it for me!
    eaOpi.jpg p10506101_ph_althero_Black.jpg
  2. They are both beautiful, but I would chose the L'Ingénieux PM since I could fit more in it, lol.
  3. Ingenieux, it's amazing bag!!!
  4. Will you clean my teeth? lol

    Both are great, go for something different like the L'Ingénieux PM
  5. I voted for the L'Ingenieux! I love how it exudes classiness:biggrin::flowers:
  6. L'Ingenieux
  7. Definitely the L'Ingenieux !
  8. 100% l'Ingenieux
  9. My likes always seem to be in the minority! I love the le talentueux, you should definatly go for that or still get the sac rabat!
  10. L'Ingénieux PM!

  11. [​IMG]
  12. they're both beautiful, but i suggest the L'Ingenieux, and like luckylvlover said, get the Dalmatian Sac Rabat :biggrin:!
  13. I like Le Talenteux better. It's a very beautifully-styled bag, with a less common shape. Whereas the doctor bag can be found anywhere, I think Gucci had something similar.

    Do you have more hand-held satchels or more shoulder bags?
  14. they're both stuning bags. Since you have the la fab which you can use either as a shoulder bag or handheld i'd go for the

    it looks a bag that you can dress more casual with, if you're going with black.

    for the the la tel in black looks more dressy.
  15. The L'Ingénieux PM.