L'Ingénieux PM or L'Épanoui PM?? Need Help!!

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  1. I have a hard time for deciding between them 'cause both of them are cute!! :love: :heart: Which one do you prefer? :rolleyes: Thought? Opinions?

    Also if anybody have any experience of any problems related to any of those?

    Thanks everyone!!;)
  2. I like the l'epanoui!!!!!
  3. id say save a lil bit more and get this:drool:
  4. L'Ingénieux !!! I soooo want it in White ! :drool:
  5. they are both amazing bags.
    I can not even give you an opinion, they are both wonderful.
    sorry to be no help.
    maybe you can sit with them in the boutique and it will come to you?
  6. L'Ingenieux, just TDF!!!! (In my opinion..) Which colour do you want??
  7. Definitely the black one:yes: 'cause I just bought my black suhali lock bracelet last month. so I think they would look really classy:rolleyes: by the way, I'm just 5'' 4' :s kinda worried about the bags might be too big on me.:s
    suhali pim.jpg
  8. by the way...the white one is also wonderful hmmmm ...:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  9. i looooove the L'Épanoui PM
    gorgeous! and so unique!
  10. ITA :yes: Especially in white... :love:
  11. L'Épanoui PM
  12. L'Ingénieux PM... my fav Suhali bag.
  13. I so agree think Le Fabuleux is the daddy of them all but if a choice between the other two then L'Ingénieux, shape of L'Épanoui doesn't do it for me!
  14. I love the L'Épanoui PM/GM in white! :love::love:
  15. Love them both in white!