L'Ingenieux Geranium.........Its here!!!

  1. What a day I had bag shopping last Friday!!!!
    I just ordered a Geranium L'ingenieux for the wife only 13 ooops make that 12 left in the country. We first saw that bag in April 06 when we were buying an epee, Then again on ebay by Let-trade. Its a hard bag to find. I had almost given up. So I hinted would you mind used suhali for Xmas. She said didn't care. So I contacted Let-trade. Only to hear "sorry has already sold"
    So I spent an afternoon calling around other LV stores with the help of a rep. We located one in Texas but the rep called back said it was scratched on the clasp small hairline cannot sell? She did however point me to another store and I was told this one never saw the floor more than perfect. Thanks Peg :heart: in Cincy.
    It arrived today with free shipping No TAX. :wlae: :yahoo: I never knew there was a forum for purses its a great thing you guys have here. I'm trying to get my wife into posting on the forum so she would leave me alone. I stay in watch forums and she gets upset. So I am hoping the bags will keep her off my back while I surf for watches.
    In April I got her a blue epee sufflot as a thank you for my new daughter Cait who was born 5/9. Wife's birthday is 10/10 so this is a birthday and glad you are back to work gift. :smile: ;) as I had to cut back on my watch spending while we had only one paycheck LOL.
    Anyway I am very excited. I will take lots of pics.
    Its supposed to be a surprise and might be since she does not really read the boards.

    Later all.
  2. wow..love geranium color..perfect for Xmas..

    Please post the pics..love to drool over it...look forward to have your wifey here..
  3. You are so sweet!!!!!! I know she will love the L'Ingenieux Geranium, what a thoughtful hubby! I hope it stays a surprise and we cannot wait to see pictures! :flowers:
  4. great to see a fellow WIS in here. welcome to the LV tPF!
  5. gorgeous i love this colour!
    lucky wife, and happy birthday :biggrin: its my little sisters birthday too
  6. Congrats! How super sweet! She will love it!
  7. A WIS in a bag forum Awesome. Bows to Duck! Thats an awesome LV collection. How do you manage both?
    Anyway always a pleasure to meet a WIS.

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  8. What a WONDERFUL husband you are! I'm sure your wife will enjoy her L'ingeniuex. It's a beautiful bag! You spoil her good :smile:.
  9. What a wonderful gift to your wife. Congrats on your find.
  10. Happy birthday to your wife!


    Unless if you want to create an LV addict! she will be forever in here and she will bug you to no end for more/new/limited purses. I know this from experience! Now my life is here, day in and day out talking and dreaming about purses especially LVs!!!!! My husband is not happy at all! He just bought me a new car, went for a month on vacation and all I could talk about is my need of new purses!

    just a friendly warning!
  11. Hey~ Excellent job! Wish my DH would take some notes! Ha ha ha! ..... Congrats! She will L.O.V. E. it!:heart:
  12. good husband! i am sure that your wife would be so happy when she gets it!
  13. MMMMMMMMMM Germanium is soooo SEXY!

  14. :wtf: wow... my paltry watch collection's got a complex now. although we do have a couple of watches in common, you're a true WIS - while im just a novice. im afraid the watches only come second to LV :shame:

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  15. So sweet! Can't wait to seethe pics. I love the geranium, it's a beautiful color.