Liner for the Neverfull

  1. Should i get a liner for my new neverfull MM? Is the used sagging shape part of the charm of LV bags?
  2. Yes for both questions....get a purseket if you want to eliminate some of the sag.
  3. I have the liner for mine, but haven't used it yet, kinda liking the sag.
  4. I have a large Purseket that I use with my Neverfull MM but to prevent the sag, I just used the cardboard LV boxes and cut them to fit the bottom of the Nevefull to keep it sturdy. I also do this with my Speedys.
  5. I actually bought something made for the bottom of the neverful to eliminate sagging competely. It's amazing and keeps the bottom cleaner.
  6. ^^same here! I love the base shaper I got for my Neverfull MM. It's very neat.. when you spill something (like the sweats from a cold bottled water), the base gets the wetness, not the lining of the bag.
  7. That's what i was actually talking about. Where did you get yours? i see them posted on eBay but are there other places?
  8. i also got a base shaper for my neverfull GM i got it on eBay for about 25 bucks
  9. I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the bottom of my MM & it works great :tup: