Linens n' Things Queen Sheet Set.....$8.61 shipped!!!

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  1. super cute!! to bad it doesn't match my room.
  2. thanks, ordered a set!
  3. Doesn't match mine either, but for that price...:amuse:
  4. Thanks, I picked up a set!
  5. I got one too. Thanks OP
  6. thanks, bought one too! needed sheets too!
  7. You are getting me in trouble with these deals! lol. I ordered me a set, came to 8.61 total! free S&H! Yay.
  8. Got two sets coming...great deal! Thanks!
  9. Costs me more in gas to drive to the store!
  10. Wow! Can't beat that! I got 2. Thanks!
  11. Thank you so much, got 2 sets and another twin set for my daughter.
  12. Got one! this will be nice in the spring. Thanks so much!!
  13. Thanks!