1. Can you wear linen in the fall? Is it mainly a summer-spring thing? What if it's black or navy?
  2. Well, it's pretty much just a spring/summer thing because it's so light-weight, I think. I love linen, and I think depending on what item it is and how it looks it's fine to wear in the fall, especially in dark colors. The one problem with it is that it wrinkles so easily though.
  3. Thank you. I live in a warmer place, so it's almost always summer/spring-like weather. I do hate how it wrinkles, too. I was thinking about a long sleeve top. It might be too obviously linen. Pants that are a mixture would be easier to hide.
  4. I tend to think of linen as a spring and summer fabric too. Much as I love it when it first comes back from the dry cleaners the wrinkles drive me crazy once I put it on. I still buy more of it every year, though. It really is lovely.
  5. i used to love linen but i find it itchy now. dark linen fabrics are fine for fall if you are warm enough in them, i don't know a rule that says you shouldn't wear it.