Linen in fall?

  1. I have a pair of really beautiful black linen pants that are lined. I really want to wear them this fall. Is that a complete violation of fashion rules?
  2. I say no, but I also believe that fashion "rules" are often either discriminating, random, or just standards based on practical factors, not really rules. I guess one could consider wearing linen in the fall "against the rules" only because linen is a very light fabric and typically worn in the summer because of that. But I've seen cotton and wool with a faint print similar to linen used in the fall and winter pretty often. I'd say if you'll be warm enough and you really want to wear them, then wear them, don't let some made-up rules bog you down ;)
  3. I think they would be just fine as long as your top and accessories don't "outweigh" them. (I mean appearance-wise, if that makes any sense.)
  4. i think as long as ur comfortable doing it then go for it. who cares about the "rules"
  5. I say no but do what ya want when ya want;)
  6. Thanks for all your feedback.

    Ok, to take this a step further:

    These pants are made by Tesori, so they are good quality. The don't really look like linen unless you look closely and they are heavy looking and lined. I am going to Paris soon and I'd like to bring them to wear because they are comfortable and stylish. I have a nice black v-neck cashmere sweater I'd like to wear with them along with some Prada sport black ballerina flats. Do y'all think I'll look completely ridiculous?
  7. Oh, now I definitely say YES to wearing them! Your sweater and Prada flats are a perfect compliment! Oh, and Bon Voyage! Bon Vacation!
  8. There are two answers to this question. The first one is that which fabric you can wear in one month depends on the climate in which you live. If you live in a warm climate, like I do, you can wear the thinnest cotton in December if the thermometer sneers that if you wear anything else, you better hope perspiration stains come out of it. So that is the practical and universal answer.

    Next we have the ShimmaPuff answer, which is that nobody should wear linen in any climate unless they are wearing it for a photo shoot, because if you wear it in real life you are going to be a wrinkled mess if you engage in any activities that involve sitting down and getting back up. Therefore the thing to do with your linen pants is save them for photo shoots, or if your lifestyle does not really include a lot of photo shoots, give them to someone whose lifestyle does, or alternatively, someone who enjoys looking like a wrinkled mess.

    Somewhere in the dusty old purse forum archives, you can find an whole anti-linen rant I did once. I really hate it that much.

    And if you, for whatever reason, just have to have some linen pants, get some that are like a 70% silk 30% linen blend. Or cotton and linen, or if you live up in the tundra, wool and linen.

    I would also like to include this bonus linen tip. To find out if a fabric is really linen, do this simple test. Lick your finger, and touch the underside of the fabric. If the spit comes right up, it's pure linen. If it waits a minute, either it's not linen at all, or it's a blend.