Linen and Leather Bbags (Fabric, Damask, Canvas)

  1. Did any of the rest of you see the latest & greatest B-Bag (besides the Blue & White "chintz"?) ... the striped Black & White (like the pants seen below)?!?!? :nuts:

    WOW!!!! I happen to LOVE :love: LOVE :love: LOVE :love: it ... !!! I think I'm going to have to call Balenciaga to get this one!!


    Oh yeah ... it was either in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar or Vogue (can't remember which one)!
  2. Yes, I did see that, I was getting my highlights retouched and saw it in W magazine I think.

    Since you are truly a Balenciaga collector I can definitely envision you adding this bag to your collection.

    If you do it - be sure to post pics of it and then go sell your bordeaux on eBay (wink*wink*). :amuse:
  3. Oh Loganz ... that's hilarious ... I saw the picture when I was getting my highlights done too!!! :nuts: :biggrin:

    Yup ... this is a definite add to my collection (although I'm still yearning for the 'Cow' [brown/white] pony bag that someone had up on eBay). That one was sold just in Hong Kong - DARN!
  4. Oohh...a cow print bag - good, I am not the only one who finds themselves drawn to cow prints. I think it is the geometric nature of a good cow print - I intentionally avoid fashion magazines at home/grocery aisles. etc because I need something to read while I "process" every other month...LOL. :lol:
  5. Its the tank I want. HOT HOT HOT! :love:
  6. oh man. I wanted those pants the instant I saw them, figured they'd break the bank and not be exactly practical, looked for a cheaper version and failed, and found the bag.
    I loooooove that bag. I wonder what it's made of and when it will be available?
  7. GREAT print, love the pants, too. if only i had more cash!
  8. :amuse: new york fashion! woo hoo!
  9. I'm actually waiting for the toile one -- that's the blue floral on the white fabric.... Only I'm going to get either the medium motorcycle or the Twiggy..... I prefer the shape of the Twiggy but it might not have enough of an expanse of fabric to really show off the pattern.
  10. is it this one? lvr has it.

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  11. those are some hott pants! and the bag too!

    and issmom, that's a really pretty fabric!
  12. Ooooh both are awesome! I love the toile and the stripes.
  13. Omg... I like the b/w stripes B-bag!! :nuts: Is this special edition or something? Is it made of canvas or leather?
  14. I love the toile one
  15. Just a second! Did someone say there was a b bag in cow print?? When was it out? How can I get one?