Linea Pelle's Red Carpet Experience Sweepstakes!!

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  1. Has anyone played LP's new game??? I played and won a 10% off code!!! I'm gonna keep trying...I want that $2000.00 shopping spree!!
  2. ha, I played today! i got 10% off too! What would you buy if you got the $2000?
  3. Great question......I would definitely get the Danielle Large Shoulder Bag. It's gorgeous! Some of those new bracelets/cuffs. My friend bought some the other cute, and probably the Dylan Zip Tote! Oh! And the Samantha Large Clutch. I love all their new fall stuff. What would you buy???
  4. Wow Mags, you're barely going to stretch that $2000! haha, I'd probably go over the limit with the Samantha Double Handle (ummmm lambskin?! i'm in). The Dylan Zip Tote in Crimson - hot hot hot, I'm not a huge fan of the Danielles, but they do look super soft and yummy. Plus, I've been holding out for the Hayley to go on sale and it just isn't happening so I may dive into that one too. Come on LP Sweeps, no whammies, no whammies.

    I really need a wallet desperately b/c believe it or not I recently returned a miu miu that was just not practical.

    Then, I'd feel guilty if I spent all the dollars on myself so I might get some cuffs for my mom AND for myself b/c I need to practice accessorizing my wrists and ears as much as I do my arm and shoulder!
  5. Loaded quesh! Firstly, from what I saved with the 10% off, I can buy 2 tanks of gas!! woohoo!!

    If I win the $2000, I am going to buy one large bag (Dylan Zip Tote), one medium bag (Nikki Shoulder), and one small bag (Croco Fold Clutch). I'll be set for at least half a year, hee hee! THen I'll need more Linea Pelle goodness.
  6. That's the bag I am drooling over! In GREY, for me please!
    I also love the Nikki shoulder bag in RED!!!

    Every stinking time I play this game I get a mismatched bunch of belts...
    I don't even WANT to win a belt... I don't even OWN a belt!! LOL!
  7. ^^ me too and me either! :lol:
  8. SAME HERE!!! ^^ Hahaha :roflmfao: