Linea Pelle

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  1. Does anyone still use their Linea Pelle bags? Has anyone tried any of the new styles?
  2. I have an older Dylan in a purple color that I still love but am kind of saving her for cooler weather since she's a "lot" of leather!
    I've been very tempeted by some of the newer styles but haven't purchased any....afraid that the new leathers won't be up to par.
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  3. Honestly if I get another one it will be an older Dylan tote rather than a new bag,I have the same leather concerns.
    And they are a bit heavy for summer!
  4. I've been using an LP mini speedy in yellow all summer! Wanted to buy a leopard print LP earlier this year but they wouldn't let me use a discount code since I'm in Canada (huh?).
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  5. I still have one but i hardly use it anymore. It's too heavy. the leather is scrumptious though.
  6. I haven't tried any newer LP but I LOVE my Dylan medium tote, my Samantha satchel and my Mel tote. Wouldn't mind trying a Linea Pelle leather jacket.
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  7. I use mine! Never stop loving it. Great every day bag and is able to turned into an evening bag tok. :smile: IMG_1482624155.066102.jpg
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  8. I just bought a Linea Pelle Mini Whitley and love it. I took off the fringe on the handles, too much, but most everything else is great. For this weekend, you get 30% off with code HELLO30. Of course, still miss the smooshy thick Dylan leather in LP's heyday... IMG_20170829_142600.jpeg
  9. Just bought an older Dylan Tote. Old LP leather is the best.
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  10. What color did you get?
  11. I bought a brown Dylan Medium Tote.
  12. I bought 2 more old school LP bags and a wallet
  13. All of my bags are old school but I only have on LP. So far. I'd love to get a DMT in a great color though.
  14. I bought 2 DMT, black and a dark brown. I love color but rarely buy anything colorful lol
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