Linea Pelle

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  1. Has anyone seen, with their own eyes, the LP Angel (light blue/gray) color? I've scoured the internet and every site I find shows the colors differently. Some look more gray, some very blue. If any owners out there have pictures they can post it would be much appreciated -- it will make it much easier to decide between the Angel and the Papaya.
  2. Why did you return it, if you don't mind my asking.
  3. I returned it because I expected it to be more gray (I'm sort of conservative, so the blue wouldn't have matched much). Also, it was bigger and "studdier" (I think someone else has mentioned this about LP) than I imagined. I thought it would be smaller and cuter.

    The leather was wonderfully smooshy, and soft, though -- I really had to think long and hard about whether I wanted to return it or not. Definitely a good quality bag -- just not exactly what I was looking for. :smile:
  4. Thanks a lot for your input. I just ordered the Dylan Double Messenger in light brown (Papaya) because of you. I too would only want the Angel color if the hue was more gray -- a light blue bag needs very specific clothing and is not particularly versatile.

    Thanks again!
  5. You're welcome -- glad to be of help! I sincerely hope I didn't steer you the wrong way, but I do think that the Papaya is a pretty color.

    Enjoy the bag! Let me know what you think of it -- maybe then I'll get up the nerve to order another LP soon. :yes:
  6. ^^

    I have the Dylan Double MEssenger in pumpkin and it is a very large bag. It's not that big once it's filled as it slouches down. Nicely constructed bag and wonderful for a long day of shopping.

    The leather is sooo soft and smooshy. Enjoy!!
  7. Check out Saks Off Fifth-- I just got two LP Dylan bags-- the tote and the messenger in bark.. They had a BOGO 50% off sale and it helped that the bags were marked down too so I ended up buying both for only $175!
  8. Girl_chill, your link isn't working -- it brings up a gifts page. Also, Saks doesn't list LP as one of their designers. Maybe you've got the wrong site?
  9. The Off 5Th (Saks outlet store) here in Atlanta definitely sells LP. I always see them when I go there.

    I am in love with my LP bags! They are so comfy to wear and the leather is truely amazing! Go for it!!!
  10. I bought my LP at Off Fifth as well. I have to say it is amazingly sturdy. Last week a water bottle that I was carrying leaked all over the bottom of my bag! Not just a littlebut a pool! I was so worried, but I sqeezed out the lining and hung the bag up to dry and you would never be able to tell. There are no marks on the leather or the lining. I was pleased and amazed.
  11. Would you by any chance have pics of the dylan double pocket messenger in pumpkin? I was wondering how the pumpkin color really looks. Is it very orange or more of a rust color or sherry? Any help would be great! Thanks!
  12. ^^
    I suck at posting pics but it is definitely an orange color and not rust or sherry. I love it though.
  13. anyone seen any LP Piper satchels at your Off 5ths?
  14. me me me !!! I have the Angel!!! I JUST got it yesterday. I thought the color would be much different but it's quite a lovely shade of light grey blue. It looks gross on the web sites so I took a gamble and was pleased. I love the messenger! I haven't used one in a long time and feel in love with the style again. I got mine at Labelspree for 165!!