Linea Pelle


Sep 23, 2007
Canada is a good one and there are discount codes as well. they are sas15 for 15% off 200.00 and free shipping, or style15 for 15% off. Hope that helps.


Jul 10, 2007
Hello ladies,

Seasons greetings from Linea Pelle Collection Online! We love our friends on the Purse Forum and wanted you to be the first to know that tonight we launched LC's new handbag collection. Lauren is our first celebrity guest designer at LP Collection and we absolutely adore the bags.

The bag pictured in this thread is the large body of the group. It can be worn open as a tote (pictured here in black) or clipped at the top for a beautiful round shape (as pictured in olive green).

These are on pre-order now at Please call us in the office after Thanksgiving weekend if you have any questions!

Take care & Happy Holidays,
The LP Team

Pre-order LC's bags at:



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Jul 28, 2007
I definitely think Linea Pelle's official website and eBay offer the best deals. If you wait until something is on clearance or close-out, you will get the best. deal. ever. from LP.


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Feb 26, 2007
The North Pole
I've ordered a few times from, and their service is fantastic. I like dealing with them directly. They have great customer service and they really back their products, plus they always seem to have a good coupon code available. Fast shipping, too! They really hooked me after I had a problem with one of their bags, they were so helpful and bent over backwards to make me happy, so now I would never hesitate to order from them.

*off to browse* :graucho:

edit: ooh, I really like that Lauren Conrad bag! And the smaller accessories. Very cute.


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
For those of you from Chicago & the suburbs, Bess & Loie carries a nice selection of LP bags - (

There are no coupon codes as far as I know, but this Thursday she's having a Holiday Open House with special offers and discounts. They also have markdowns occasionally on select bags. I bought a LP bag from there about a month ago, along with the matching wallet. Since I bought both items, she knocked 20% off! The owner, Ally is super nice, and they offer wonderful customer service. I love the bag Lauren Conrad's been carrying and was going to see if Ally had in in stock or if she could order one for me.