linea pelle

  1. hey guys
    i was interested in getting a linea pelle bag and i just wanted people to post pics of their linea pelle bags so i can get a better idea of what they look like IRL
  2. This is my Lola shoulder bag in the color Limonetta. The leather is very soft and this is a slouchy bag.

  3. Wow! I love that bag: color, style, everything!
  4. I am always eyeing Linea Pelle's bags on their website. I love them and one of these days going to order one!

    Justwatchin: Would you happen to have any modeling pics of the Lola shoulder bag so I could see the size and how it looks on? I would appreciate it if you did :smile: I had actually placed an order for that exact bag but then before it was shipped I cancelled the order because I decided I still wasn't sure about it and wanted to put the $ toward something else. I still love the way it looks, though!
  5. Just watchin: I've had my eye on that exact bag for the past month (for anyone who is interested, has this bag, plus the speedy tote- the one that Heroes cheerleader chick made popular- and you can use a coupon from grechen's closet). But I have yet to see a Linea Pelle in real life. I think it is a fun, slouchy bag with delectable leather BUT it so big.

    I get the general feeling Linea Pelle and Moni Moni bags are similar in terms of squishiness.
  6. oooh yes justwatchin please post some more pics, i was tossing up between the lola and the dylan so more pics would be greatly appreciated:yes:
  7. anybody out there?
    please post pics. i know there are tpfers out there with these gorgeous bags!!
  8. Hmmm, I would say both are buttery soft, but the Moni leather seems thinner and lighter (from what I remember). My LP leather is more substantial.

    Here's my little clutch:

    I have a double strap surplus satchel on the way, and will post pics when it arrives!

    If I had the money, I would def buy a Dylan--possibly the gorgeous red one...
  9. Aw, yay! I have the same bag coming in 'wheat' and i'm so excited to recieve it! I can't believe i got it for just over $40!!
  10. I have the dylan speedy tote in white, the same one that the Heroes chick has ... Unfortunately I can't post pics because I'm at the office and leaving straight for the airport after work. Anyway, I love the bag, although it is huge. I typically carry a bunch of stuff everyday, but I don't come close to filling it. It is super light-weight, however, and very slouchy, so it doesn't seem as big. Hmm, I haven't carried it in a while - I think perhaps I should bring it back out of the closet!
  11. thanks kachesle for posting the pic :smile:
  12. Now that the sample sale has been on maybe people could post pics of their purchases :yes:
    Unfortunately i live in australia so i couldnt go :cry: