Linea Pelle Surplus Chic $75 Close-Out!!

  1. does anyone know the dimensions on the Surplus Chic Double Handle?? im checking out but i wanna make sure its roomy! thanks!
  2. ahh too late i bought it anyway! yay!
  3. Their Surplus Chic bags had not even been on their website until they added them this evening, so I don't know. The measurements for the smaller Beverly satchel (sold out) are 13.5" L x 7" H x 6" D ...they appear to be similar in size based on the pictures. The larger Beverly (it's quite big!) is 15" L x 8" H x 7.5" D
  4. thanks so much...i just placed my order so i hope it went through! i got the teak...i went back to check and see the other colors..and none were im CROSSING MY FINGERS as itll be my first LP!
  5. crikey, what a steal!
  6. Ugh... I broke my ban. For $63 (and free shipping!), what else could I do?!
  7. same here..i couldnt resist!
  8. ooh, now i'm nervous my order will be cancelled after seeing those other posts. i ordered the double strap in saddle, and it no longer shows up on the site--if i snagged it, i must have got the last one! *crosses fingers*
  9. EEK! thats wat happen to me too..but i received my confirmation..even after the other colors didnt appear..i just wish i knew the dimensions! good luck though!
  10. I have to confess that I should have got the last Surplus Chic, the price I paid is even lower. :p

    Cannot wait to see the bag.
  12. i got my first LP yesterday..and...i luv her!ill post some pics later!