Linea Pelle Sierra Messenger Bag Sale

  1. Linea Pelle Sierra Messenger Bag in black is only $172.50 (from $575) on Amazon. It is shipped and sold by Linea Pelle although this model is not available on their web site. BlueFly sells it for $345 on sale.

    I would love to buy it except that I bought about 7 bags in the last 7 days... I haven't received any yet and don't want to count them and feel guilty. I need to stop buying bags! I hope HH doesn't put out anything from their fall collection or I will end up getting another one or two or three purses... :shrugs:
  2. I just checked and the LP website has it for the same price. Wonder if you can apply one of their codes too...
  3. Just answered my own question -- the style15 code works for 15% off! Does anyone have pictures of this bag or any in the LP Sierra line? I hate that the pictures on the website don't show someone wearing the bag. It's hard to tell how big it is!
  4. Oops, I didn't see that there were multiple pages on the sales section. Thanks for the correction.

    I would like to see some pictures of the bag IRL too. I like Dylan messenger bag since it has less studs but it's more expensive. I wonder how versatile is the sierra...
  5. Not as good as the code you have but, SAS1075 works for $10 off plus free shipping- maybe you'd luck out and be able to combine the two.

    Well duh, I just realized they have free shipping anyway. Well the $10 is still up for grabs if they allow you to combine codes.
  6. I found a Linea Pelle Dylan Double Handle in Black at Off Saks in Nashville Sunday night for $144. Was on sale for (I think $229) and received an additional 40% off. Was thrilled!
  7. hi. newbie here.
    fell in love with Linea Pelle after I read so many great reviews here and feeling up the leather at Saks Off Fifth:smile:.
    I found a gorgeous, crazy soft buttery black Dakota Satchel at Off Fifth and had to have it.
    Unfortunately I've been overruled and hubby says it must go.

    It's a long drive back to Off fifth so I'm selling it on the yahoo babybags group (where i have feedback) and if it doesn't go there I'm posting it on eBay tonight. :sad:
    only asking what I paid which was $180. (the other one on eBay is going for $225 plus ship! Also bought from Off fifth so she is probably trying to make a buck.

    keep an eye out tonight on eBay.
    love this forum!!! bought a bunch of hayden harnetts and when there is more $$ in my life am definitely going to get my hands on another Linea Pelle:smile:

    nice to meet you all
    IMG_1520.JPG IMG_1522.JPG IMG_1524.JPG IMG_1527.JPG
  8. Hi, did you sell your Linea Pelle Dakota bag? I'm interested in it, can't figure out the yahoo babybag thing and don't want to go there unless it's listed. Let me know! thanks.
  9. You might want to call Linea Pelle directly. They just had this very same Dakota bag on sale for $100.00. It was the salesman samples. I grabbed mine last week.
  10. Chanmutt--

    Selling/ trading/ ads, etc. on the forum is a big no-no unless you are in the MarketPlace (application only). I see that you are new, so I thought I would just give you the heads-up to read up on the rules. tPF is such a great place, welcome!
  11. oops sorry.
    wasn't trying to sell it here.
    is it only a problem to try to sell a bag here? or is it ok to tell ppl. i listed the bag on ebay?
    i know on some other threads ppl. were talking about bags they had sold or were about to sell on ebay so i thought that might be ok.
    if not please do tell me i love this forum and would never want to go against the rules.

    if it is ok, than yes this bag is now on ebay for a great price.