Linea Pelle Sample Sale

  1. When was the Linea Pelle Sample Sale online last year?
  2. I have no idea, but please someone please reply
  3. There was one in July and one in the beginning of December. I went to both, it was fun!
  4. Where were they?
  5. ^^ I'm wondering too.....
  6. The last one in December was held on thier Barry St Location, West Los Angeles. Call and ask they are very friendly.
  7. I may try to make that one.... Someone let me know when it is...
  8. I don't recall there having been an online 'sample sale' but rather a'close out' sale that I posted. Since that time, LP has on occasion reduced prices of some but not all their styles. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe they have ever given tPFers the opportunity to participate online in any of their sample sales!!!!!!! That troubles me considering the number of bags that are purchased from LP by tPFers!
  9. Well...maybe we need to put the screws to them to get us in on this sample sale?!!!!!

  10. Um ya, Wolfy, You'll be letting ME know when you go as you will have a list of booty I want!!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:;)

  11. we need to find out when it is... i will take requests and drive up for the day...
  12. The sample sales are in Los Angeles because I think that's where the office is based.