Linea Pelle Sample Sale!

  1. If anyone has gone to the sample sale, please post bags and prices? I'm debating whether it's worth a trip on the 10 freeway.
  2. I went on Friday and I only spent around 15 minutes there. I didn't think the sale was that great. A lot of ppl walked away empty handed, including me. They had probably around 6 tables outdoors in an alley- 2 tables of belts and 3 tables of bags, 1 table of wallets and clutches. They had a lot of dylan small totes for 180$. the bags didn't look great IRL- lots of random splotches (guess that is the look?). There was a bianca speedy, bianca shoulder, sierras and some other bags I don't recall the names to.

    I personally thought it was a waste of time. Is there a particular bag you were looking for? I can look it up and let you know if I saw it there.
  3. I was thinking of ordering the small Dylan Tote from the I guess I won't....:tdown:
  4. If you like how it looks on the website, the picture does look really similar to how it does IRL - with the random splotchy spots.
  5. Did it look faded and broken in or splotchy and weird IRL?
  6. it does look broken in, but that is the look. the reason why i think that particular bag looks weird is that it looks like it was caught in the rain and when it dried it discolored parts of the bag or someone spilled bleach on it. the website picture of the bag looks true to life IMO.

    HTH! ;)