Linea Pelle Sale


    Just this week, I bought two sale handbags and using the code STYLE15 was able to score an additional 15% off. In addition, for VIP members the UPS ground shipping is free. All you need to do is sign up for their newsletter. I purchase the larger red Beverly bag, which after the discount was $170. At the time I made the purchase, there was also a smaller Beverly which I bought for $138 in a different color. I have not yet received the smaller bag, but it should arrive tomorrow. The red bag is quite nice, soft leather, nice workmanship, and much prettier in person than in the picture. Check out their sale might find something that you find interesting.
  2. thanks im checking now!!!!!!!!!
  3. The Beverly bag is really cute. I don't have time tonight, but if you like, I will post a pic of it tomorrow morning. The color leans more towards a maroon-red...much more suttle than the bag in the picture. Hopefully, I will get the smaller bag tomorrow in which case I will post a pic of it as well. Also, I received a newsletter from them today offering a discount of 10% at I recall, without a code. It's doubtful that they would double up on the discount though. Besides that, I deleted the email and cannot remember the specifics!!
  4. Here are the pictures of the larger red Beverly. They still seem to make the bag appear a lighter red than it really is. In reality, it is slightly maroon/red in color....a deeper red at least than what the pics portray.
  5. THANKS FOR SHARING THE PHOTOS~ they're both very nice but i love the red one!
  6. Thanks snowtire. It's nice..a bit large, but I like large bags. I am still envious of your Austin bag and have spent the last half hour searching online for a deal on it. No luck!
  7. hehe bagachondriac, i think you got me confused with another tpfer~ i didn't get the Austin bag, but i managed to snatch up the Berkeley hobo in Bordeaux. your Berkeley in Saddle looks so pretty. i'm waiting to receive mine in the mail!

    good luck on your search for the Austin bag, i will keep an eye out for you!
  8. Sorry snowtire...that's my second screw-up this week!! Wow...gotta quit keeping these late hours! Anyway, you are gonna love your Berkeley. Wish I had ordered it in black also, or at least have gotten the Austin. Those M&C bags flew out of the store within no time at all.
  9. I saw that bag, kachesle......really cute. The strap does appear to be a bit long though, so I would agree that the strap needs to be shortened. There are some great deals to be had there, including belts.
  10. Does anyone know when the code expires?
  11. Don't know BabyK, but I just tried it and it still works. I found this code weeks ago while searching for codes, but did not see any expiration date. I just received another newsletter from LP however, and they are moving their warehouse. Their email offered an additional 10% through Fri 4/20 on all sale items 50%-70% off. No code is necessary....they will automatically deduct the 10% and send you an email after the order is placed confirming it. It does state that this offer cannot be combined with other discounts, so if the STYLE15 still works, by all means, use that one. For the price, you really can't beat this sale. I noticed that the Beverly style bag, which I bought two of, is no longer available. Be sure to register for free VIP shipping.
  12. the code Style15 Still works for 15% off :smile: i just got the dylan double handle that was on sale for $371 for $315 :smile: yay :smile: so happy about it!

  13. Oooo, please post pics when you get it :yes: