Linea Pelle purses

  1. Does anyone know any info on Linea Pelle purses? They make great belts, and some of the bags are cute. Any opinions?
  2. I had a black LP Dakota. I really liked it a lot but I got a few bags around the same time and found I wasn't using it as much as I hoped. I think one reason is I also got a Chameleon bag organizer which made the Dakota's pockets unnecessary. Bottom line is I returned it but if I needed a bag, I wouldn't hesitate to get a LP. I thought it was a great bag at a great price point. Leather was smushy and nice and the hardware was nice too. The bag itself was lightweight and the hardware was the only weight (in the strap) but all in all not too heavy. I give it a thumbs up! Good luck. Hope this helps you.
  3. Thank you! They are having a pretty good sale on their website, but I wasn't sure if the bags are a good quality...
  4. I'd never seen any Linea Pelle bags until recently, they had some at my local Off Fifth. Like cgsprings I thought the leather was nice but the design was kinda blah, but it was reasonably priced.