Linea Pelle Piper Speedy


Nov 3, 2007
I don't own that bag, but Linea Pelle is a great brand. I love the leather...very soft. Linea Pelle is definitely a brand that can take abuse to a handbag and keep on looking great. I put my handbags through the ringer sometimes it seems and my Dylan bag comes out looking just as good as ever if not better because it is a little more distressed looking throughout time.
Feb 8, 2007
i just got the l/p speedy a couple of weeks first i thought...hmmm..not so sure...but i have to tell you that i've grown to love it...the leather is to die for...the compartments are so convenient and i get a TON of compliments on it...all that and i also got a 25% discount using a code!!!!


Apr 21, 2007
I just ordered the LP Piper Speedy in Taupe, from Luna Boston, with a 20% discount. I couldn't find a Sherry and I need a nice, smooshy shoulder bag that's not too huge. I've recently returned two other bags, so fingers crossed, on this one.

Soccer Mom

Nov 2, 2007
what did you guys use to treat your LP's? The leather is soo soft and supple. The lady at CS said it doesn't need to be treated, but I still wonder if it ought to be waterproofed??
I sprayed my Dylan once with Wilsons. The leather is amazing. It's really soft, but tough too. In this nasty midwestern weather mine has gotten some salt on it from the car and it's wiped right off. Rain and snow don't bother it at all. CS is right, it probably doesn't need to be treated.