linea pelle piper double weekender?

  1. perhaps this sounds nuts, but do you all think this would be too big to use as a handbag and NOT a weekender?

  2. I don't think so, I think that the weekender can become a "handbag"! I have the dylan double handle (which is approximately 16.5 inches in length) and the piper weekender is only bigger by 0.5 inches (17 inces in length). I have a lot of friends who are thinking about purchasing the weekender, in sherry, but i heard there's only 3 or 4 of them left! And i know that going to other websites, they're all sold out:yes: (unless you want the black/taupe)
  3. I think that it will be alright as well bc of Lp's super smooshy leather. There will be a slouch, unless of course the bag is filled to the brim. I just love LP's leather. What colour were you thinking of getting??
  4. Do you have any pics? I love big bags and feel if it fits your needs and you like it, go for it!
  5. thanks for all the comments. i'm thinking of getting this is black or sherry, but $669? ack!
  6. i can't decide between the weekender and the speedy! ahhh!
  7. i'm going crazy trying to decide between the speedy or weekender!
  8. wow i love this bag!! but not the price!
  9. It looks like a handbag to me. And not larger than many popular ones. But I've seen too many of this brand (same of similar styles to this one) at Off 5th for around $200 to pay this price. Kind of sorry now I didn't buy one but I expect they will have again sometime.
  10. ^^ I agree. It's a lovely bag, but not worthy of the hefty price tag. Just my opinion though. I couldn't justify spending more than 400.00 on any bag, but that's just me. It is a great bag, so if you have the funds-go for it
  11. I've never paid that much even for my Rebecca Minkoff bags! But, I love the buttons! I'm a big weirdo like that. I'll pay money for something like being in love with buttons.
  12. ^^

    I love the cute buttons too!! Too funny.
  13. I think thats a super cute!
  14. i'm afraid to order the weekender and then think it's too big. by then it'll probably be too late to get the speedy! also, i wish i knew what the color looks like in real life. its either this bag or alain mikli frames. life IS hard.