Linea Pelle owners: anyone have a lighter colored bag? Question...

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  1. im really considering getting a Dylan in Marigold, it is soo pretty and i dont have any spring colored bags, nor light colored bags for that matter. does your LP get dirty easily? do you have cleaning issues?

    i wear lots of dark jeans, and would use the messenger strap on the Dylan if i get it so itd be like on my hip. i dont want to end up having the dye rub off on my bag! at least, not so i cant clean it. i do own appleguard conditioner and the rain/stain repelletn spray. do i even need to treat it? i usually treat all my leather bags

    any advice would be welcome! thanks
  2. i have a mini dylan in marigold sun. you should probably know first that, at least for me, it's not quite as yellow as i thought it would be. it is mustard colored.

    currently, i do have it sprayed with wilson's. also, the linea pelle person i spoke to actually said with this leather i could actually wash off light stains with soap and water (!). i tried washing off a bit of what looked like a patch of dirt (i got my bag from the sample sale) with a drop of dr. bronner's and a wet washcloth and.. the bag was fine and CLEAN and the color/leather didn't change.

    i sprayed it with protectant soon after and haven't done the soap/water thing since, but it might be worth someone else calling Linea Pelle and asking about it.
  3. hm, personally, i prefer a darker yellow, i feel it goes better with my clothing than a true bright yellow. it still looks nice, right? just darker than on the LP site?

    i feel stains should come off better if i spray beforehand, but i will call and ask to make sure. thanks!
  4. I have a camel LP bag, and I seriously got something on it everytime I wore it for the first week....first lipgloss (got that out with baking soda), then pen (nail polish remover), the chocolate (bf's fault- but it came out on its own so he's not in trouble ;) ), and then coffee. I am not this messy, I promise! Each time it was only a very small amount, and by now I can't even tell I got anything on it. I think the natural oils in the leather have worked their way to the surface and just diffused whatever was there, but I am soooo glad I didn't get this bag in bone.

    I finally got some leather lotion and put that on there, it made it really nice and shiny - healthy looking if that makes sense - but I don't know that that will protect it from anything. Anyway, if you're not a klutz like me, you'd probably be ok, but otherwise I would advise against it. I haven't noticed it collecting dirt from other surfaces though, just general grime you know, so that's encouraging.
  5. i like the bag a lot - i am considering the dylan bowler in the same color or the brown, to be honest :P
  6. I have a bone dyan speedy, been using it about 2 weeks. I had a dirt smudge, took a wet cloth and it came right off. Durable leather. Get it!!
  7. i got it, ladies! this will be my bag for spring :smile:

    im hearing good things about stains coming off the leather, though i am concerned about the denim dye. i am a huge jean fan, and i have had this problem with a canvas tote ive been carrying. but a $200 leather bag is a different story. im crossing my fingers!
  8. Aznanjl post pictures when you get it. I love yellow! I have the dylan bowler in midnight..I wish I had seen a marigold one back when I ordered it but I may just have to order another in the marigold.