Linea Pelle or Michael Kors

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  1. i'm in search of a small crossbody bag. i've narrowed it down to two.

    whatcha think?

    "Linea Pelle Women's Dylan Classic Small Shoulder" (left)

    or the

    "MICHAEL Michael Kors Women's Austin Small Messenger Crossbody" (right)

    Your thoughts and opinions are much appreciated!!

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  2. I just love Linea Pelle. The leather is so soft and buttery. But, I think I like the Michael Kors better of your two choices because it looks like the MK strap is a bit wider than the LP, and I like that, plus I think the MK has a bit more style to it.
  3. The LP if carried for casual use only and MK if carried for casual and maybe work.
  4. Definately LP, hipper and much softer.
  5. LP leather is sooo soft, so that is my vote!
  6. I vote for the Linea Pelle bag. :smile:
  7. LP leather is AMAZING!
  8. LP, hands-down.
  9. LP!!!! :tup:
  10. I like the top of the LP bag way better. I don't like the flap of the MK...and LOVE LP leather!
  11. LP without question! :yes:
  12. I prefer the styling on the MK bag myself.
  13. If you get the LP, you won't be disappointed. The leather is to die for!
  14. I like the MK bag, i think it looks more chic than the LP bag. The thing that i don't like about the LP bag is the big zipper teeth style.
  15. My choice would be the MK. I'm in agreement with aquablueness about it looking more chic! It has more personality...if that makes sense!