Linea Pelle on Hautelook

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  1. I'm not too impressed, but it's work that look.
  2. not impressed either.
  3. I got the Dylan Speedy in Cherry -- any thoughts? I've never gotten a LP bag before...
  4. That's the only one I'm thinking about......I like it, but it might be small for me.

    I have the quilted tote in brown and turquoise - both are beautiful!
  5. Thanks -- I really like big bags so now I'm starting to question my purchase...hmm
  6. #6 Aug 18, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
    Go to to get the size. I think it's big enough for most people,
    but I have to carry more than most.

    Size for Patchwork speedy -

    15 1/2" l x 12 1/2" h x 5 1/2 d.

    8" drop.
  7. Thanks!! It'll probably be okay - thanks to the PF I've been discovering all kinds of new bags!:smile:
  8. Wow.....this is great! I got the Sydney Large Shoulder bag. I have looked at it before, and wasn't very impressed, but then I saw a pic of Tori Spelling wearing it, and it looked so cute on her. I'm gonna try it out! I know this is The Purse Forum, but....OMG....did you see all the cute belts and how cheap they are!!!! Yay!
  9. i think the bags on hautelook are final sale. so it makes me think twice before I purchase. But I did purchase 2 bags from them before.
    I think if it's final sale the price should be better though.
  10. Thanks! Hopefully, I won't hate it....I'm sure I won't!
  11. You can only get credit if you plan on returning something....