Linea Pelle New Items Added To Sale

  1. We've now added even MORE products to our Final Sale!
    Help us let go of the old LP and ring in the new!
    PLUS, it's your last chance to use your Back To School coupons.
    Expires 9/15/07. See below for details.

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  2. Where can you find LP coupon codes? Do you have to join their mailing list?
  3. does anyone have a back to school coupon?
  4. i just found a 10% off one: SAS10 (works with sale items)

  5. I always use STYLE15 for 15% off. I think it's far more generous than the others offered by LP. As for signing up for the newsletter, I sign up for every newsletter possible. That's how I find out about all the great sales!!:tup:
  6. thanks - glad I didn't order yet ;)

  7. You're welcome! Always glad to help out!:tup:
  8. I've ordered two belts from them within the past two months and a third one is on it's way....can't beat the quality and price point when they are on sale and yes, use the code "style15" to get 15% off and when you sign up for their newletter - free shipping.
    Just love'em....and bagachondriac - thanks for posting....hope all is well with you ;)
  9. Hi There Stranger!! Haven't talked to you in a while...hope you are doing well also. I've been trying to stay busy as of late...but, I always have time to log on just to post a sale or get excited over one posted by someone else! You's such a challenge not to spend money when things you want go on sale!! What have you been up to lately?
  10. dcblam.....I almost forgot to inquire about that gorgeous Garbo of yours!! I'm still envious and could kick myself for not buying one. Have you carried it much over the summer?
  11. Are their bags made in Italy or China?
  12. hey cutie....
    glad all is going well.....I've carried the Garbo a couple of times this summer, though it seemed a little "heavy" in terms of look....but she's coming out full force soon as the weather is changing. I just LOVE the bag, it really makes me feel special when I carry her. The leather is flocked and almost looks like suede. I've treated her w/Vectra spray and in the back of my mind am a bit apprehensive to use her all the time but heck - for what I paid for her - I should just use her and abuse her (and make her write back checks)!
    I'm gonna post pics soon of the 11 bags that I have bought since this Spring, yikes!!! so be on the look out for whatever the name of that thread is????
    Though I have to tell you, I have some HH bags that I've been carrying and the pockets/organization with those bags are amazing - kinda gettin' spoiled.
    Also - am having a field day w/LP.....ordering belts, the prices are amazing. Belt # 3 came today and I'm totally thrilled...may order more! I'm eyeing a Dylan??????
    By the by, Be&D is revamping their website....there's a bag called the Ingrid Citi with studs in purple that's TDF!
    Hugs n' kisses:heart:;):supacool:
  13. Don't know about the bags, but the belts are made in China. GREAT belts!