Linea Pelle- More Sale Bags Added!!!

  1. ^^^ You post the most amazing deals! Thank you sooo much and btw, I love the red and blue LP satchels that you scored!
  2. You're so sweet!! Can you tell that I spend far too much time on the computer? He He!! As for the red and blue LP satchels....would you believe I haven't carried either! I bought the larger red one earlier in the year when the price was about $270 (as I recall). The smaller blue one was purchased this summer when I posted that amazing close-out sale....I also bought about 7 other LP bags as well. Since then, I sold two on eBay and two to my sister. The Beverly hobos that I bought in both red and blue were just not my style, and the washed leather on the satchel didn't work for me either. I really need to stop buying bags unseen because I always end up selling them for a lesser price on eBay. It's either that or they just sit in my closet forever...that is, unless I gift them to someone. It's not that these bags aren't cute....sometimes they just don't "grab" me!!
  3. These are cute. Thanks for the link!