Linea Pelle "Made In China"???

  1. Hi everyone.
    I received my first Linea Pelle bag today and I am absolutely in love with it. It is an amazing bag with a beautiful design and the squishiest leather ever.
    The only thing is: I thought LP bags were made in Italy. I thought I read it somewhere here on the forum (I may be very wrong on this one!), but there is a tag in mine that says "Made in China".
    Does anyone else have a LP bag, and if so, does it have a tag that says "Made In China"?
  2. i have the LP angie speedy came right from LP in cali and it also has a made in china tag inside SOO i guess they are indeed made in china
  3. WHAT!?!?! i'm gonna check mine!!!
  4. hm... i have 2, the dylan messenger and the dylan small tote... both of which don't have tag (either that or i can't find it), just the brass LPCOLLECTION plate in theinside pocket...:hrmm:
  5. its a small tag same color as the lining down near the bottom i had to pull the lining out to see the tag

    i just checked, my dylan double handle that i got from the LP website also has made in china tag
  6. Just checked 1 of my 3 LP bags, and my LP wallet. Couldn't find a "made in" label in either.
  7. my LP dylan wallet ALSO has the made in china tag got it from bluefly

    so i dunno
    weird that you guys cant find those labels,,, since some are the same style as the ones i have right from LP company and bluefly,, hm duno
  8. I was intrigued so i pulled mine out (purchased from the LP website) and yep, Made in China. it's smooshy too :smile:
  9. i'm thinking of getting a linea pelle... i can't believe it's made in china!? hm... now i don't know... :/
  10. Yup, made in China, but I think the leather comes via Italy.
    You will be surprised at how many bags - and uber luxury brands as well (like Celine) are made in China. There are Miu Miu and Prada bags that are made outside of Italy - the list goes on and on. There are fewer and fewer bags that are truly made in Italy - and if they are - they are made my non-Italian laborers!
    There have been many threads about this issue and honestly, coming from a reputable manufacturer like LP, you should not be concerned.
    Hope this helps.
  11. ^^ agreed!! :yes:
    LP bag quality's EXCELLENT :tup: not just for its price range, but in ANY price range... and that's coming from a balenciaga girl! :cutesy: i was checking the quality of my bags since seeing this thread, and there's not a stitch out of place!

    p.s my bags are from the linea pelle site too...
  12. Cooper, I am so glad you love your bag! I knew you would. It is a great bag!

    "Made in China" thing, yes it does say "made in china" and it is a little odd, but heres the thing with manufacturing things, I don't know if I am 100% accurate but I think this is the jist of it. A product can be made anywhere in the world, lets say Italy for example, you know that product has been manufactured in France, you were actually there and saw the leather go through the machines and everything but then they slap a label "made in china" because even though your leather may have been manufactured and processed in Italy, the final touches (maybe the brass, or the inside zippers on the pockets) may have been put on in a different place and it suddenly made that bag a product of that country. The tiniest thing, such as a putting the designers label on in a different country, if it was the last country that touched that product, they get the right to put made in. I hope that made sense. Its a little crazy. Actually a lot of the leather Italy uses comes from places like Turkey but isn't actually processed until it gets to Italy so it is "italian" leather.
  13. Well, I thought it was odd because I thought I heard they were made in Italy. I just wanted to make sure mine was authentic. Glad to hear (I guess...) that others here have the same tag in their bags and it is not just mine.
    I am so in love with this bag!
    It is simply perfect!!!
  14. Hi everyone. After inquiring to, today I got this email:

    LP uses the finest italian leathers & tanneries
    (their tanneries are in Venice & Bari)
    they use the highest quality handmade artisan
    hardware. If they were to employ a factory in
    Europe, their prices would be incredibly high.
    The LP brand is about finest quality at a
    reasonable price. They have been in business for
    21 years now and have very close relationships
    with their factories in China...and because of this
    they have great follow thru on making sure each
    handbag and belt is of the highest quality production.

    So, I guess that answers the question about where LP bags are made!
  15. I am adding the new Lauren Conrad LP to my wishlist. It is gorgeous!