Linea Pelle - Lot of bags on Close-Out page

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  1. The 10% code I remember seeing is COMEBACK410
    I have not tried it so I can't say if it works or not!
  2. Darn, I wish they had a dylan wallet in bone!!!
  3. WHOOOHOOOOO ......I had my flyer on me and the code the last large Lola in burnt orange for $265...w/ free shipping....I've been waiting for this, they must have just started it...THANKS!!
  4. Just a note the Lola ( it was further reduced though $295 before code. I've been watching it forever) wasn't in the clearance page so check the rest of the site, lots on sale, and not all in the clearance section! (love the dylan in marigold) LP SS burnouts....bring in the cocktails......LOL:drinkup:
  5. WOW these are amazing deals.... i'm on a ban but might have to get something!
  6. Man, LP really knows how to mark down some bags! :smile:

    (hee hee HH, take note)
  7. Whoohoo! Thanks so much for posting. I have been lusting for a Piper tote to replace my everyday black bag. And COMEBACK410 looks like it's working for an extra 10% off. :tup:
  8. Yay! I got the Marigold Dylan and matching wallet for $239.40 shipped!
  9. thank you! I finally got the Piper tote I've been drooling after!!
  10. AAAAHHHHHGGGGG! And I was trying to save some money....
  11. ^^^OMG I would but i just bought the large Lola!!! I REALLY wanted a large limon.......God what great deals!!
  12. Grgeous Katybug.....stunning!!

  13. It is soooooooooo pretty! But do you know the size of it?