Linea Pelle..Lauren Conrad collection

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  1. Who likes this Purse??
  2. Not I.
  3. it is slowly growing on me - when i look at others wearing it, i like it.
  4. I'm not as fond of it as the other LP bags..... but I do like the chain handles!
  5. Not me, sorry!
  6. Me neither. LP has better bags out there. This is rather plain and uninspired. It's like they just stuck a name on a bag (which I don't care for her anyway).
  7. I love LP bags, but this one has not even caused me to look twice at it. I am not a huge fan of chain handles; let alone gold ones.
    Kindof blah compared to alot of the amazing bags LP has right now.
  8. Not really liking the chain and it's kind of bland compared to some of the othe LP choices.
  9. It's okay. I would use it if someone gave it to me for free! But not buy it unless it were about $300 cheaper.
  10. I don't think it's the bag as much as the colors I'm not crazy about (the black is okay though)... I would like it if it were that lovely crimson color... or a pretty ocean blue...
  11. Fugly!!
  12. I was on a reality show once (on the now defunct WB) - I guess that means I can design clothes and bags!
  13. well.....i guess im in the minority but i really like it...the design is classic and totally wearlable the price is totally affordable. i think what draws me in is the chains.
  14. I WOULD like this bag if it was like $120 and didn't have Lauren Conrad's name all over it. She should've designed for Target or something..or Coach? I feel like Linea Pelle is not Targeted towards The Hills audience ... I feel like more obsessive-handbagers fallow Linea and I feel like most obsessives would think this bag is totally knocked off of the Chanel bags Lauren carries around.
    It's not original or inspired. She should've came up with some new colors, or new use of chains...this bag is blah.
  15. :roflmfao: