Linea Pelle - January Markdowns

  1. Sorry...I posted this w/o looking at it first! There doesn't appear to be any new markdowns on handbags! I'm puzzled as to 'why the newsletter"??????
  2. I was thinking the same thing! Does anyone have an opinion on the LP ashley double handle?

  3. Mine should be here any day.....I expect to love it, as I do all their other bags I own.....
    Will let you know when it gets here.
  4. I just received an email from and they are having 25% off all their handbags including Linea Pelle if you like any of their LP bags.
  5. oops forgot to put the code then my computer crashed...anyway its code kata25 for 25% off at kataphileo... a lot of their LP bags are already marked down also
  6. I got the LP Gillian bag from them today - already marked down plus an additional 25% off plus an additional 3% for registering with them. It came out to $248 and they FedExed it today (free of charge!!!) so I'll have it Monday - they were so nice - awesome customer service!!!
  7. I have never heard of this company...where are they located? Are they reputable and has anyone ordered from them before?
  8. I have at least 10 bags from them. The quality is great, and the leather beautiful. Plus you can't beat the prices. I know a lot of other people here have ordered from them before too. I don't recall anyone being disappointed in them.

    They are in California.
  9. Was there a code you used for the extra 25% off????
  10. I think the company Wendy is talking about is Kataphileo since she said she got the 3% off for being a member. There is a code for Kataphileo. Kata25

    And i have used Kataphileo on several occasions and they have excellent customer service. I just ordered a Michelle Vale bag from them and got it for 633$. It was originally 830$
  11. You are so right......thanks!
  12. Sorry - I wasn't clear - it was kataphileo - and I'll definitely shop with them again!