Linea Pelle is having a sale on a bunch of bags :)

  1. The angie collection is on sale, the Gillian collection is on sale, The one bag in their Lola collection is on sale and the Dylan messenger and dylan cross body clutch are on sale :smile:

    just thought i would share if anyone hadnt seen!!! :smile: cause Linea Pelle has the best customer service i thiink i have ever encountered AND the bags are fabulous the leather YUM! ;)
  2. helpl!!! slush... you have the most fabulous collection! you convinced me i needed an LP (orderded today) and a Gustto... any updated pics!
  3. hehe well thankk you Sep! :smile: I have 2 more bags coming next week so ill take pics when everything arrives :smile: keep your eyes peeled! ill PM ya when they are up! :smile: you will LOVE linea pelle and gustto amazing leathers!
  4. lineapellezoeclutchsilver.jpg
  5. I can't wait! I was never a copycat until I saw your showcase... hee-hee... Now I've got Gustto AND Ananas on my wishlist...:roflmfao:
  6. ^ohh ananas they are really gorgeous too the leather is SO soft and i love the wooden accents! :smile: (i also have the AB luxembourg shopper thats one of the new ones not pictured yet-i see that on your list ;) !)

    haha i hijacked my own thread hehe :smile:
  7. Any LP codes available now?????
  8. I agree! I love LP and gustto. I bought this Cala bag recently, and I love it, and the leather is really softtttt...

    I want a Gillian!
  9. ^^ where did you get the Gustto? Its so pretty!
  10. There's a few linea pelle styles on sale at which are cheaper than the LP website including the Gillian line. I think there are some coupon codes floating around (check for maybe 10-15% off for the LP website which may help.

    I just received my dylan bowler from the big sale this week and I only paid $180...I am loving it. The leather is so soft!

  11. NM! I got it during their 50% off sale. its on the site for 559 now, but i only paid like 280 for it! I love it:love:
  12. $10 off $75+ with code SAS1075, 10% off with code SAS10, 15% off orders of $200 or more with code SAS15 (all include free shipping)

    Thanks Grechen!!!!!!

  13. FYI... I ordered a Midnight Dylan Large Speedy yesterday and none of those worked for me... PURSE10 for 10% off and free shipping still worked though!

  14. Oh! Desi! I was wondering when I would get to see your Gustto! I :heart::heart::heart: it! beautiful!

    super long story but I ended up getting a mushroom colored one (the gold is AMAZING! probably cuter!), and I am so into it! smooshy leather is the best!!!
  15. Gorgeous Gorgeous Bags!