Linea Pelle Incredible Close-Out Sale

  1. Last night I just happened to check the LP site for sales and found that they had further reduced several styles to a mere $75!!! The Beverly satchel is one that I purchased a few months ago for their sale price of about $200. At the current's a STEAL!! LP bags are well made, and the leather is quite soft. I just ordered another Beverly ,and in addition, I ordered the Bianca stud satchel. The shipping was free, and I discovered a promo code: GOOLP10 .....which gives you an additional 10% off. My total invoice was $135 for the two bags that each retailed for about $600!! Insane!!

    This is my Beverly satchel in jaillo and red, the red being the larger of the two.
  2. I wish the Dylans had been further marked down - I would have jumped on one of those, but the messenger is still $275, the double handle $371, and the small tote is $400 (not much of a markdown from $445!) - even with an addtl 10% I can't do it right now (too many new bags lately!).

    The Bianca and Beverly look nice, but I don't really care for all those studs (a little too "rocker chick" for me!), but if any of the Dylan bags get marked down further, I would definitely consider it!
  3. just ordered the caffe and red myself. ive never had a red bag before but thought what the hell - 2 for $135. cant beat it. not quite sure what pre production samples are though or if its a big deal not to have the ykk zippers but thanks for the tip!!!
  4. hmmm..the red doesnt seem to be in stock now...

  5. I've no earthly idea what pre-production means either. Perhaps someone else might know. Both my bags were in pristine condition. And I agree with you completely...2 for $135...what the hell!! I've six boys, each with a girlfriend..... guess what they will be getting for their birthday!! They also love to come to my house and rummage through my closet in hopes that they can talk me out of a bag. At this price, I wouldn't regret doing so. For some of the more expensive bags, there might be another code offering a larger percentage off.
  6. thanks! Just ordered the Beverly in the Jaillo and a great black belt! Also found a 15% off code - style15 and my total was $93!!
  7. Thanks! I also found a coupon that gave me an extra 10% off the $75- use GOOLP10
  8. Pre-production samples are part of the intial test run of the product. In many manufacturing industries these should be pretty much the same as production or at least extremely close, and are the final run of test product to make sure all bugs have been ironed out.
  9. I'm also eyeing the exact same Dylan bags! I've been waiting for it to mark down further or for a steeper discount code.
  10. I just received an email from LP, advising me that the large Beverly satchel is sold out. I placed my order the day prior to posting it here, so I assume others of you who ordered the same bag will receive the same email. I'm sorry......I had no way of knowing it was sold out as it was pictured on the website as being available. I was offered a substitution......not sure what it looks like yet.
  11. yeah me too. the red was sold out - they offered me the beverly hobo but have know idea what it looks like - asked them to send me a pic - i'll let ya know if i hear anything
  12. Bummer, I just ordered the large in bone... :sad: now I will wait for my email, too... :sad:

  13. You and I both ordered the red. I already had it, but was ordering this one for my sister. Allison is substituting the Beverly hobo, which she says is really cute. They were supposed to take pictures of it this evening to put on the website. The dimensions are...
    16” W x 11” H x 3.5” D. Did you see the other thread I started on their most recent close- outs?
  14. I ordered the larger in Jiallo, the smaller in Cobalt and received emails that both orders were being processed, and I only ordered them after I read the post here. Did you receive emails first that said your order was being processed?
  15. Yay - I just got a beverly in bone for $63! Love that little padlock.