Linea Pelle Hayley Large - Weight?

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  1. Hi! I'm new to the tPF! I'm enjoying reading everyone's posts!

    Does anyone own the Linea Pelle Hayley Large?
    If you do, do you know if it's quite heavy without anything in it?
    Also if you have the Espresso colour, how do you find the leather and quality?

    Thank you!
  2. I am not familiar with the Hayley. Pics??
  3. I did a search and saw one on Bluefly, I wasn't familiar with them before either.

    As far as the espresso goes, I am a lover of browns but was disappointed in this one when I got it in person. It was very dull, flat color. I think that was compounded by the fact that it has gunmetal hardware though, with gold to warm it up I think it would look prettier. I thought the quality was fine, as good as any other LP leather than I've seen in person.

  4. Hi LindaP! Thanks so much for your input on the espresso colour! So do you actually have the Hayley? or a different style in espresso?
    Yes! i love browns too, but I don't have a brown handbag, only clothes! so I'm on the hunt for one right now! :P
  5. I purchased the Dylan Medium Tote in espresso but put it back in the box and sent it back immediately. I love all shades of brown and would take a brown bag over black any day, but this color looked so flat and lifeless to me. I think brass hardware would have helped (which the Hayley has I see) and maybe even a little bit of sheen. For me it didn't look like I expected from the pictures, it photographs prettier than it is in person, imho.

    Keep in mind though that the bag I purchased did come out later than the Hayley, so perhaps it's not the exact same leather?

    Here, I found an auction on Ebay that I think shows an accurate representation of the espresso color, and you can decide for yourself! I know there is one TPF gal here that loves hers so really it's just a matter of personal taste.

  6. Beautiful!! I have been very impressed with LP leathers. I am sure others can chime in too. GOod luck!
  7. Did you see the deal on for this bag?

    I just purchased the Large Danielle in Dark Brown and love it. LP's lambskin is TDF! This color is not at all similar to the espresso used on the Dylan totes...thank goodness. :P
  8. Good to know, I love a rich chocolaty brown!! :tup:

  9. OMG, great deal!
    I do not need another LP.
    I do not need another LP.
    I do not need another LP...
  10. Hi Cathead87! Thanks for link! It's a great deal! So tempting! I'm trying to decide between that or a Treesje Mini Marley....:P