Linea Pelle Fatima Large Shopper

  1. Found a picture on Amazon


    I like the leather, but am not a fan of hobos. It is a cute bag though :tup:
  2. Yeah, I'm not usually a hobo fan either (or anything studded for that matter), but there's something about this one that just gives the impression of being uber cool.
  3. I have it in white, well more of a cream, and love it!
    It is so soft!!!!
  4. you have any pictures? I'd really like to see a size comparison if you've got one wearing it.
  5. I'll try - I have to find out what boyfriend did with the camera...

    It really is a beautiful bag. I'm not fond of light colored bags, but really do love this one. I have 3 cream bags, and this is the only one that I carry.
  6. Laurie8504 -
    if you do a search under Fatima (and look for posts, not threads) there are great photos of the purse, but alas, not someone holding could PM that person and ask her questions about the bag.
    I think it's fab - but from the photos, it appears that the shoulder straps are not adjustable.
    For further questions, you could call LP and speak w/Allison, she's marvelous! I've only bought belts from them and think they are just great! Remember to use "style15" to get 15% off and then sign up as a member and get free shipping!
    Good luck....

  7. Moogle - is the strap adjustable? How long is the overall bag, from strap extended to the bottom?
  8. dcblam, thanks for the advice! I didn't know about the coupon code.

    I really like the dark brown color, but it looks like now they're only offering it in cream or camel. :sad:
  9. So I just did a search and found a picture someone took of the purse in camel, it looks fantastic! I actually really love this color. It doesn't really bother me that the strap's not adjustable, I kind of like the whole "big-bag-on-a-small-person" look, ala Mary-Kate.
  10. search for zacorey..she has this bag and posted pics somewhere that were absolutely amazing!
  11. Yes! zacorey is the user I found. Her pics are gorgeous! She's been super-helpful.