Linea Pelle Dylans too casual?

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  1. I have gotten a couple comments that my Dylan shoulder bag in iron is pretty casual. WDYT? I agree that it is a good bag to wear with jeans and I wouldn't take it to a wedding, but do you think that bag is too casual? I guess that is subjective, but just curious.

    Maybe I was paranoid that they were saying it looked like any old bag you could get at Kohls. I know I should only care what I think about the bag, but a small part of me wouldn't want people to think it was a cheapie, because it's not a cheap bag. KWIM?
  2. Casual does not equal cheap. It does, however, mean less structured/slouchy and effortless. Isn't that what you're going for when you're wearing it? It is for me.

    I carry mine to work all the time (granted, I work in a pretty creative environment) and people comment on how "perfect" it is. But I wouldn't carry it with a suit to a client meeting, or as you said to a dress-up event.

    Your "casual" bag is perfect for everyday life, just not the fussier parts of it. Enjoy it!
  3. I do not think that casual equals cheap either. Linea Pelle is a California brand, and so they go with the flow and keep things casual and chic. The high quality, super soft washed leather they use helps ensure the bag will last unlike some cheap Kohls bag. I think that some of the black Linea Pelle bags, like the 2010 shoulder bag and the black Dylan Zip Tote would be appropriate for a strict corporate setting like a lawyers office.

    I've received numerous compliments on my Dylans, people notice the leather and I invite them to touch it so they can experience for themselves the yummy leather.

    I live in San Diego, so maybe I am just more accustomed to a casual style, so Linea Pelle is perfect for me. I wear all of my bags in my corporate office.
  4. I am a new convert and I just love it. I have sold off a ton of Coach and even an LV and have become addicted in a short time. The leather is just amazing and it's not a stuffy LOOK AT ME I AM A LOGO bag at all.
  5. I was actually attracted to LP because they look so casual. I am almost always in khakis or jeans and have found it difficult to find a quality casual bag. Many of the brands are a little too "polished" for my taste and I end up feeling awkward carrying them. LPs are so darn comfortable. :love:
  6. Thanks for your thoughts ladies! I wonder if part of the comments come from the iron color? I imagine black might look less casual. Maybe it is the zippers as well, which I love about the bag.

    In any case, I love the iron color and it works for my wardrobe. It matches everything! I usually don't have people touch my bags, but I have told 4 people to pet it and see how soft it is. :amuse:

    I almost returned this bag because of a handle/comfort issue, but I just couldn't. I like it too much!
  7. Casual chic, yes. But the proportions, lines and materials reflect the bag's quality. I second what Cathead87 said about the appeal of a quality casual bag.

    Some people don't know what they don't know ;)
  8. So true! :smile: I live less than 10 minutes from a Coach outlet, so if it isn't Coach, most people around here don't seem to know about it. And I'm not bagging on Coach, I own a couple leather Coach bags, it just seems to be all I see around here because of the outlet.

    Unless I head to the mall and shop at Nordstrom. Last weekend was the first time I have seen someone with an LP. It was the purple Dylan shoulder bag and I had to compliment the woman. It just made me want to go home and get mine. :graucho:

    I know it shouldn't bother me at all if someone thinks I bought my bag at Kohls because there isn't a Coach tag on it, but it bugs me a little anyway. It's like I want to educate the masses on wonderful leather bags. :lol:
  9. On the topic of bags that are casual and comfortable but still great quality...I also love the Olivia Harris brand. I own the Washed Pillow Hobo in blue and it is great. I was discussing this bag at work today and my co-worker said "Are you talking about that ratty blue bag?". :lol:

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  10. I have to admit that Olivia Harris bag does look "bohemian" lol! I think LP's have a bit more of a neater look than that blue bag.
  11. Too casual for what, are you going to the opera? :smile: I think the LP is beautiful and not too casual at all. : )

  12. LMAO!! Yes, too casual for your wedding bag I guess...
  13. :confused1: I don't think I said for my wedding, did I? I guess I need to re-read my post. My wedding was years ago. :amuse:

    Anyway, I know casual is subjective. It was just a question about what others thought. I tend to think of it as a great bag for jeans, but not something I would wear with dressier outfits.
  14. I was only kidding!! I love LP bags and think they can go with just about anything. :smile:

  15. I think you posted the LP was too casual to wear to a wedding. I agree with you. I also have some bags for work, some for casual events, and some for dressier events. No one bag fits every occasion IMHO.