Linea Pelle Dylan

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  1. I like this bag the more I see it.

    Can anyone give a review?
    Also, I can't seem to find it anyway except Nessastyle. And it's $650! Weren't these bags under $400 like a minute ago?

    Are they on scale with say Kooba? or Botkier?

    So, my questions are:
    1. Can anyone give a review?
    2. What other popular styles can you compare it to?
    3. Where can I get one for cheaper (with a code or something)?

  2. I had this bag a few months ago and was able to purchase it on sale from off sax for $200.00 so the price you are quoting seems REALLY high!! Why don't you look on Linea Pelle website itself? Or if you have and off Sax near you, check it out. Last time I was there, they still had them. I returned it (agonized over the decision) because 1. Had bought 2 other bags the same week and couldn't justify a 3rd one and most important, 2. I had purchased a Chameleon pocketbook organizer insert so didn't need all the pockets on the Dylan anymore. I REALLY liked the bag, leather smooshy and very distressed. It had a little weight to it from the rings on the shoulder strap but I wouldn't say it was a heavy bag in any way. I would definitely give it :tup: but at $650 :tdown: not because it's any less wonderful than those selling for that price but just because I've seen it for SO MUCH less and purchased it for SO MUCH LESS just this past March. Good luck with your hunt and let us know how you make out!
  3. I ordered the Dylan Messgenger in white off the website last week, but I haven't gotten it yet. It was 375 less 15% code I got at Reesycakes. I wanted a messenger for upcoming trips, and I wanted a white bag too, so we'll see. I love the designs of her bags, but I hate waiting. I will post when I receive
  4. I wonder which "Dylan" she was talking about - probably the Dylan Speedy - since that chick from Heroes made that bag popular...

    Just a guess - correct me if I am wrong
  5. You are correct. I like the Dylan Speedy the best.

    If you look on nessastyle, they are charging $650 for the black one!!!

  6. I received my Dylan large messenger in white yesterday. It is just like the brown posted on their website, but for some reason the white is selling for 375 less 15% to the 600 for brown. It is a very cool edgy looking bag. Soft squishy leather, loads of compartments. It's not too heavy, but it is large so it can get heavy!! It's the best messenger bag I've seen and I've been looking.
  7. Don't have it, but that looks just like you (or a bag I think you would like). I like it too and it looks like you got a great deal. Also, I loved the messenger bag too. Have I been living under a rock, as I have not heard of this line before!?
  8. Linea Pelle has some great looking styles, someday I will own one, just not sure which one.

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  9. ooh thanks for those pics, ladysalesrep!! i have been a big fan of LP belts in the past (purchased at Anthro) and can see the appeal of these bags! i love that little yellow/orange satchel! practical? no. but covetable? yes!
  10. "STYLE15" Use this code on their website for 15% off. :tup:
  11. I Just got my Dylan Studded Tote today. I am so enchanted. It's washed leather so it is ultra soft and has a slightly unfinished look to it. You can squish it up in you hands it's so soft. Just a beautiful bag and since I got it for a great price on ebay (around 220) it makes it sweeter. I would love to get another one one day. It's nice finding a new bag designer to love.
    Here's my bag but it is much darker than my camera depicts. It's a nice caramel brown.