Linea Pelle Dylan VS Piper Speedy

  1. Hi everyone!
    I find myself obsessed with LINEA PELLE bags, though I have never seen one IRL. I love the styles and keep checking their website all the time.
    Problem is, I can't decide which one to get.
    The Dylan Bowler looks great, but when I look at the measurements online (17 x 10), it seems the bag would be HUUUUUGE! Does anyone have this bag for everyday use, and if so, is it gigantic? I am 5'4 and don't want the bag to look rediculous.
    On the other hand, I am also loving the new Piper Speedy. It is a little bit smaller (14 x 10) and is really cute also. (it is over $100 more expensive, though)
    I have to admit I do prefer look of the dylan in IRON to the Piper, but, like I said, I don't want to get something that looks gigantic.

    Any advice from LP fans???
  2. Don't have any LP myself but I am in the same dang boat. LOVE the Piper Speedy. I sure the heck hope it goes on sale soon, I can see paying $508 for a bag I've never laid eyes on...good thread, I'll be watching this one.
  3. I really like the Dylan Double Handle in black. I'm trying to persuade DH to let me get it!
  4. i have the dylan double handle in anthracite its gorgeous so soft and amazing! it is big not like GIANT i am 5'5 and i dont think its ridiculous but im a student and its perfect for my school books + all my personal stuff

    as a purse it would be big if all you carry is lilke wallet, keys, cell,,,

    as far as the piper speedy i dont know it is overpriced i feel
    i have the angie speedy and i love the look but was diappointed in the craftsmanship :sad: And i sent one back got a 2nd and the 2nd still disappointing
    It is too mch trouble for me to deal with so i kept it because its not llike HORRIBLE but it did make me feel like i wont buy LP full price

    so i say wait one day the piper will go on sale,, but if you are torn i feel my dylan is softer leather and better made :smile:
  5. Great; thanks for the info.
    Something to think about. I am definitely NOT a student so I would be using it as a regular everyday handbag. Maybe it is just too big, and I am not too excited that the Piper is not as well made as the Dylan....
  6. I have the Dylan Bowler in Iron. I just measured it and it is 15" across. I checked on Linea Pelle's website and it looks exactly the same as mine. Maybe Linea Pelle mismeasured it. I ordered mine from Kataphileo and someone posted on deals and steals they are having a cyber monday special for 20% off.
    Anyway, I love this bag! The leather is supersoft and it looks great carried on my arm and shoulder and Ive used it a couple of times as a cross body. Ill post pictures of me with mine.
    DylanPicture2.jpg DylanPicure.jpg
  7. OK, SonOz, I bought the Midnight Dylan Bowler on and with the discounts, it came to $284.
    YAY! I hope I love the color! It looks really nice online...

  8. oooh Post pics when it comes and let us know how you like it! The bowler is cute!

  9. Yeah, I love it! :yes:
    I hope it is the same measurements as SonOz's bag. 15 x 9 would be perfect, and I love that it has an optional long shoulder strap.
  10. i think that lunaboston is having a 25% discount today on the linea them!!!!
  11. YAY! It arrived today and I have to say...IT IS PERFECT!!! It is everything I thought it would be except better. The "midnight" color is such a dark navy blue, that it nearly looks black but it isn't. It adds a little "intrigue". I love the leather; it is amazingly soft and squishy! The style is perfect and it is the perfect size (definitely NOT too big!), and both straps stay comfortably on your shoulder. This is the first bag I have bought in ages that I love immediately and will not even consider returning!
    The only thing I wonder is... I thought LP bags were made in Italy, but this bag has a tag inside saying "Made In China".
    Does anyone else have a LP bag, and if so, is yours made in China?
  12. Keep checking Bluefly. I purchased a black one several months ago (it wasn't for me so I returned it) for like 40% off. They do show up fairly regularly. Right now there's one on in a bark color.