Linea Pelle Dylan Shoulder Bag confusion. HELP!

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  1. I'm looking to purchase my first LP bag and I'm interested in the Dylan Shoulder bag. On the LP website you can only see the bag from one side and I'm wondering if someone could tell me what the other side looks like? Are there any LP logos that hang from the other side of the bag (like on the zipper tassel?) If anyone has pics or knows where I can view pics I would really appreciate it! I did a search but it only confused me more, too many Dylans! :smile:

  2. Does anyon eknow if this bag comes with a detachable strap? It looks like it does on the candy couture website but there is no mention of it on either candy couture or lp's website. Anyone know??
  3. ^Yes, it does.
  4. ^^

    Awesome!! Thanks!!
  5. Thank you!! :flowers: